Not every canceled order is refunded — find out about 2 exceptions

Find out why in some cases you cannot request a refund when canceling your order on iFood

We know that sometimes problems happen and it may be necessary to cancel the order on the iFood app. To ensure more transparency and balance for all people involved in this process (customers, stores and delivery people), iFood created the Order Cancellation Policy for Customers.

This policy details the different situations that may occur during an order's journey and what the cancellation process is like in each of them. In some cases, cancellation cannot be made or does not result in a refund.

Want to know what they are? The Customer Experience (CX) team explains below.

After the order is out for delivery

If your order is already in transit and within the estimated delivery time, unfortunately it will not be possible to cancel it. 

This is because the establishment has already prepared or separated the items in your order and the delivery person is already on the way to the delivery location.

Customer not located

If the delivery person arrives at the location within the stipulated time, you must pick up the order immediately. After all, if you don't pick up your order within ten minutes, it will be canceled without a refund. If this happens, you can contact iFood to request an analysis.

It is always good to remember that, in condominiums, the delivery person has no obligation to go to the apartment door. Keep an eye on the app and respond to the delivery person's chats in these cases. 


When selecting the delivery address in the app, it is the customer's responsibility to be present at that location at the stipulated delivery time, and not at other addresses mentioned later, such as in chat, for example. 

iFood only considers the address entered when completing the order. Therefore, it is VERY important to check the address before confirming your order.

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