6 tips on how to avoid scams when ordering on iFood

Find out what you can do to protect yourself from fraud when paying for your order

Those who shop online are always looking for ways to avoid scams, especially when making purchases with debit and credit cards.

Therefore, iFood adopts security measures to protect customer data, such as the cards used for payment. Still, fraud and scams can happen due to other people's bad intentions. 

To make your purchase even safer, the CX (customer experience) team at iFood brings six simple tips on how you can act to avoid scams and fraud.

What to do to avoid scams

Check the value on the machine

When you choose to make your payment upon delivery, always check the amount that appears on the machine's display before entering the password. Extra tip: check if the returned card is really yours. 

Check the bank app

Did you pay for the order upon delivery and were told there was a billing error? Check your bank or cell phone before paying again, so you don't run the risk of paying twice.

Beware of “lighting”

If they ask you if you want lighting to enter your password because it's dark, don't accept it: they may do this to film your card details.

Do not accept delivery fees

iFood does not charge any fees at the time of delivery. So, if you paid for your order via the app or website, do not accept extra charges even if they call you saying it is necessary. And the machine scam!

Always update your app 

Keeping the iFood app updated reinforces the application's security. The more recent your update, the safer your device will be.

Don't share your codes

Finally, never share the codes that iFood sends to your cell phone or email. These codes are used to authenticate your access to the account (and we don't want other people accessing it, right?).

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