How to request a refund on iFood and receive it faster

Check out, step by step, how to activate the balance in your wallet to speed up this process.

Did you know that, when canceling an order on iFood, you can request a refund and receive it more quickly, without having to wait for the card administrator to process it? To make this experience more convenient, iFood launched an innovative solution: activating the wallet balance.

Activating the balance in your wallet brings two immediate benefits:

Instant refund

Your refunds are processed and credited instantly, eliminating the wait for card issuer processing.

Flexibility in the use of value

The refunded amount is available in your iFood balance immediately, giving you the freedom to use it to place a new order.

Once your refund is approved, the amount is instantly made available in your iFood wallet balance, and you will be informed about the completion of the process.

How to activate balance refund

  • Access your Profile in the bottom right corner of the iFood application.
  • Scroll to Payments.
  • Under “Other Services”, find the “Balance Refund” option.
  • Click on the “Activate Balance Refund” button and that’s it!

An alternative is that, the next time you cancel, you will have the opportunity to activate this option through a notification that will appear in the app.

By following these steps, you will be enjoying the benefits of quick refunds and the convenience of having your iFood balance activated. This functionality not only speeds up the process, but also offers the necessary flexibility to continue enjoying the variety of options available on iFood.

What if I want to request a refund normally?

Although activating your iFood balance is a convenient option, you always have the freedom to choose to receive the amount of future refunds back to your original payment method.

To find out more about refund deadlines, check out the article we published on the topic: 

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