How to protect your iFood account in case of cell phone theft

Find out how you can prevent yourself and block access to the app if your device is stolen or stolen

With a few simple measures, you can prevent your iFood app from being used by other people if your cell phone is stolen or stolen.

You can activate biometrics so that other people cannot complete the payment if they place an order through your app. 

How do I activate biometrics to prevent other people from making purchases on my account?

But, if the device is no longer with you, no problem: with just a few steps you can block the use of the app that was installed on it.

Below, the iFood privacy team answers four questions about how to protect your iFood account in the event of robbery, theft or loss of your cell phone.

Biometrics prevent the order from being completed even if someone uses your app. To activate it, go to the bottom of the home screen, click on “Profile” and scroll down to “Security”. In this field, you can enable “Biometrics” for purchases.

When moving the “key” to activate the feature, the app will ask you to place your finger on the sensor or connect with the facial recognition already registered on the smartphone to activate the protection tool.

With biometrics, for each new purchase, the platform will require identification, preventing anyone other than you from completing orders on the platform. 

If my cell phone is stolen or stolen, how do I block the iFood account?

To do this, you will need to download or access the iFood app on another cell phone and log in with your account details.

At the bottom of the home screen, click “Profile” and then “Security”. Go to “Connected Devices”, locate the cell phone that was stolen or stolen and click “Disconnect”. 

This way, you can log out of the account on the device that was stolen and prevent the criminal from accessing your iFood app.

If I uninstall the app from my cell phone preventively, will I lose my data when I reinstall it?

No. Deleting the application does not mean deleting the iFood account. Even if the app is uninstalled from a device, the account will remain active and your data will not be lost. 

In fact, what happens is that the login is reset. This way, when the application is reinstalled and you log in again with your email and verification code, your data will be available again.

Should I contact iFood if my cell phone is stolen or stolen?

No. You should only contact iFood if your account suffers any serious breach or improper access. In these two cases, look for the iFood service so that action can be taken regarding fraud. Otherwise, there is no need to contact the company.

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