What are the duties of iFood customers?

Find out what you can do when placing your order and receiving delivery to ensure everything goes smoothly

iFood is a Brazilian platform which connects 43 million consumers, 200 thousand delivery people and 300 thousand registered establishments in more than 1,700 cities throughout Brazil.

For this entire ecosystem to function in the best way, certain behaviors and attitudes are expected from customers at each moment of the journey with iFood.

These duties were created to integrate the Cancellation Policy of iFood, thinking about ensuring more transparency, security and balance for all people involved in the order cancellation process.

What are the duties of customers?

1. Before completing the order

  • Register the delivery address correct in the iFood app and check at checkout;
  • Understand the risk of your order not being delivered if you are not at the designated location to receive it;
  • Insert the form of payment correct and check at checkout;
  • Insert the Discount coupons desired items (if any) and check at checkout;
  • Check all items in the order before finalizing the purchase;
  • Check the time delivery estimated before finalizing the purchase.

2. At the time of delivery or collection of the order

  • Pick up the order within a maximum of 10 minutes after the delivery person arrives at the location;
  • Always inform the confirmation code delivery to the delivery person when requested;
  • Search for the order at the address and point entered when completing the order (e.g. entrance or gate), as addresses entered in chat message exchanges are not considered;
  • Be aware of possible interactions from iFood or the delivery person in the chat during delivery and respond within the deadlines informed so that the delivery can be carried out successfully;
  • If you pick up your order in store, check all items at the time of pick up, as it will not be possible to request cancellation with a refund on the grounds of a wrong order or missing items;
  • If you choose to pay for your order upon delivery, check the value on the machine and not pay any additional amount;
  • If you choose pay your order through the app, do not accept extra charges on delivery;
  • For orders placed in Restaurants with delivery and non-pickup options, always receive the order even if a problem is identified. Then, contact iFood in “Help” in the app to report the problem;
  • If the customer and the delivery person do not reach an agreement on the delivery location of the order, the customer can contact iFood in “Help” in the app and send evidence to request an iFood analysis of the case and evaluation of the refund of the amount paid.

3. After order delivery

  • If you need support on account of problem with order, access “Help” on the iFood app within 48 hours after delivery of orders placed in Restaurants and up to 7 calendar days after delivery of orders placed in Markets, Pharmacy, Pet Shops, Shopping Malls and Beverages. Inform the problem with details and evidence for iFood's analysis regarding the decision to cancel in full, partially or none at all.
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