Pizza flavors: discover 13 mouth-watering options

The most irresistible list you will read today: check out some of the most traditional, and other more unusual, pizza flavors in Brazil.

One of the most loved and versatile foods in the world, pizza pleases you by offering different options for the most different palates: among the different flavors of pizza, we are sure you have your favorite!

This famous dish emerged more than 6,000 years ago, historically by the Hebrews and Egyptians, improving with the Italians and, over the years, it became popular throughout the world, becoming a secular and timeless food.

Although Italians call pizza their guaranteed traditional specialty, the whole world consumes pasta with many cultural influences — and, when it comes to making a dish even better, we know that Brazilians put on a show!

In the thousands of pizzerias spread across the country, it is possible to find the most different and unusual flavors: did you know that there is pizza flambéed with whiskey and even with wild boar sausage?

From the most different to the gourmet, including the traditional recipes we know, pizza flavors are part of the Brazilian menu: here at iFood, pizzas are the champions in orders!

As big pizza fans that we are, the iFood team prepared content with 13 options of the most beloved dough in the world for you to discover, be surprised and, of course, leave your mouth watering — so that when you finish reading, you can open the app and order your pizza.

Follow below and enjoy reading!

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13 pizza flavors: from traditional to the most different

Talking about pizza is synonymous with good food, fun times with family and friends, and, of course, a lot of hunger — who can resist a generous slice of pizza with lots of cheese and tomato sauce?

Here in Brazil, according to data from Pura, we produce more than 3 million pizzas per day: an average of 2,630 units per minute!

This is, in fact, one of the most profitable markets in the food sector, with the Southeast of the country leading the way. ranking of the largest number of active pizzerias in Brazil.

It's difficult to find someone who doesn't love pizza — but we know that Brazilians' palates are diverse and discerning most of the time, and the more different pizza flavors for us to try and approve of, the better!

Here we have put together a delicious list of 13 pizza flavors for you to discover; some of them are super traditional, while others…

1. Pepperoni

A calabresa está entre os sabores tradicionais de pizza no mundo

One of the most popular and beloved options among pizza lovers around the world, pepperoni pizza is known for its striking and delicious flavor, providing a unique gastronomic experience — and one that delights in a special way, you know?

This pizza flavor was the more iFood orders in 2022 — in fact, every second, an average of 5 pizzas are ordered on the app. One of the best pizza flavors according to Brazilians!

With fresh dough, tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese and onion, we already have the base of the pepperoni pizza: which receives its irresistible flavor from smoked sausage made with pork and seasoned with pepperoni pepper.

2. Mozzarella

Pizza de mussarela está entre os sabores populares de pizza

Another option among the traditional pizza flavors is the one made with mozzarella cheese: it is the highlight of this recipe and should be enjoyed hot, so that the cheese has a creamier texture and intense flavor.

Other ingredients that complement the mozzarella pizza are fresh basil leaves and a touch of oregano, as well as, of course, the tomato sauce base.

3. Margherita

melhores sabores de pizza: marguerita

This is another icon among Italian pizza recipes: the margherita only contains sauce, tomatoes, mozzarella cheese and basil. It's an excellent option for those who don't eat meat!

In addition to being a classic dish, the margherita is a pizza steeped in history: after Queen Margaret of Savoy's visit to the Naples region, the pizza was named after her and the monarch had a great influence on the popularization of the flavor.

4. Portuguese

sabores tradicionais de pizza: portuguesa

The name of this pizza flavor is a tribute to the Portuguese immigrants who arrived in Brazil and started using ingredients typical of our cuisine to create a tasty, well-filled dough that is one of the country's favorites!

Portuguese pizza contains eggs, onions, olives, peas, cheese and ham, in a mouth-watering combination.

5. Chicken with catupiry

sabores de pizza: frango com catupiry

This recipe is an excellent example of how our pizza combines the traditional Italian style with flavors we love: chicken with catupiry is another favorite among Brazilians, and is one of the popular pizza flavors in Brazil.

With a base of fresh pasta, mozzarella cheese and tomato sauce, this recipe also includes shredded chicken and catupiry, a creamy and smooth cheese. It's also worth adding black olives if that's your preference!

6. Pepperoni

sabores tradicionais de pizza: pepperoni

Inspired by Italian salami, Americans created pepperoni pizza, which today is one of the most acclaimed flavors in the world when it comes to pizza!

It uses the traditional Italian base, including mozzarella cheese, as well as thin slices of pepperoni, a sausage made from seasoned meat with a slightly spicy and smoky flavor.

7. Leek and Bacon Pizza

melhores sabores de pizza: alho-poró

Another mix of ingredients that generates an explosion of flavors, leek pizza is increasingly present on the menu of different pizzerias across the country!

The recipe uses the Italian base we already know, and the filling is sautéed bacon with leeks, resulting in crispy meat and an irresistible combination.

8. Dry meat pizza with catupiry

sabores de pizza: carne seca com catupiry

Look at catupiry again on our list! This is a favorite ingredient in Brazilian pasta that, in this pizza recipe, finds another favorite item in our cuisine: dried meat.

Here, the meat is prepared with different seasonings and is shredded, mixed with catupiry cheese and added to the pizza dough that contains mozzarella cheese and tomato sauce. One of the types of pizza that results in a match that never fails!

9. Beef rib pizza

pizza de costela bovina

Very famous in the southern region of the country, beef rib pizza is a strong attraction for meat lovers: the best flavor of beef with traditional Italian dough!

For this recipe, a base of pasta and tomato sauce is used, stuffed with cheese, as well as shredded beef rib and other seasonings, such as oregano.

10. Rose Petal Pizza

sabores de pizza diferentes: pétala de rosa

This one is a big name in gourmet pizzas: made with glazed rose petals, chocolate and ice cream, the rose petal pizza combines romanticism and flavor in a dish that still looks beautiful.

Petal pizza is very famous in Curitiba and always becomes an attraction on dates such as Valentine's Day and the beginning of spring.

11. Acarajé pizza

pizza de acarajé

The Bahians outdid themselves on this one: mixing the typical Bahian dish with the tradition of pizza, Brazilians can now try acarajé pizza — or should we call it pizzajé? Or caress?

It uses the main ingredients of acarajé: black-eyed pea pasta, dried shrimp, onion, tomato and palm oil, as well as a good portion of coriander.

12. Carrot Cake Pizza

pizza de bolo de cenoura

Imagine combining two irresistible recipes into one invention? Maybe that's how carrot cake pizza came about: another different sweet pizza for our list.

Here, the dough is the same as the cake, but in a thinner version, maintaining the characteristic carrot flavor — as well as a chocolate sauce to accompany it.

13. Pizza with drumstick edge

pizza com borda de coxinha

One of the heritages of Brazilian cuisine also has its pizza version: yes, you can eat a pizza with a coxinha crust!

The two national passions meet in a very creamy pasta, with chicken and catupiry, and a super filled edge with the traditional flavor of coxinha that we already know; In some establishments, there are small drumsticks on the pizza to eat too.

What is the most ordered pizza in Brazil?

A United Pizzaria Association of Brazil is a reference when it comes to data on the pizza market in the country: and, according to more recent data, the most ordered pizza by us Brazilians is pepperoni — a true classic, isn't it?

São Paulo leads the ranking of the country's state with the largest pizza production, followed by Rio de Janeiro, Minas Gerais and Bahia.

There is a pizzeria to keep up with the pace of orders from pizza lovers!

Whether it's a traditional pizza or a most unusual flavor, to order your favorite pizza you know you just need to open iFood: the most loved delivery app in Brazil!

Come order pizza on iFood!

Today, you have seen delicious combinations of pizza flavors: the most traditional, which we already know (and love!), and also the most different, which guarantee an unusual gastronomic experience, but full of flavor.

What really determines the unmistakable flavor of pizza is the choice of fresh, quality ingredients that, regardless of the topping, make the dough and its complements one of the most consumed and irresistible dishes in the world.

You feel like pizza, don't you? So order iFood now! Find it nearest delivery restaurant from you to order your favorite pizza.

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