Have questions about coupons? iFood clarifies!

Find out how you can use the coupon — and what to do if it disappears

Now that you know what to do to receive coupons in the iFood app, the company's CX (customer experience) team explains how to use these discounts. Check out the answers to the main questions on this subject below. 

I received a coupon. How do I apply?

After choosing your order, you will find the “Coupon” field inside the Bag. The system will automatically fill in an option for you to use, but if you want to check other options, click “View”. Then just take advantage of the discount. 

I can't apply my coupon. And now?

iFood coupons have several usage rules, such as expiration date, payment methods for which they are valid, in which establishments they can be applied, minimum purchase value (without considering the delivery fee) and usage limit. Therefore, when you come across a coupon, it is important to read its application rules (you can find this in the left corner of the coupon under “see rules”), including the deadline for using it. This way, you don’t miss the validity “window”.

My coupon disappeared, what now? 

As iFood coupons have an expiration date, you may have seen the coupon available one day, but the next day it was no longer valid. So, as soon as you come across a coupon, check the expiration date so you don't miss the expiration date (or the discount).

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