R$ 2 Million funds for delivery drivers

The iFood covid fund is here to support delivery people who work daily on our platform. 

We have several actions aimed at protecting the health, well-being and delivery driver safety. So, check out some of them: 

What is the objective of the iFood covid fund for delivery people?

The main objective of the iFood covid fund is to promote and support all couriers who work on the platform, especially in times of Covid-19 pandemic.

In this way, the fund is just one of several iFood initiatives with the security of partners.

What are iFood's covid funds for delivery people?

iFood launched two funds made especially for the platform's delivery partners: Solidarity Fund and Protection Fund.

Before explaining what these proposals are, it is important to highlight that delivery drivers who had to remain in quarantine had their accounts temporarily inactive. 

However, after this period, they became active again in the app, without punishment or harm.  

iFood solidarity fund

The iFood covid fund is intended for partners who are symptomatic or diagnosed with COVID-19.

The Solidarity Fund allows the delivery person to remain inactive on the platform for 28 days, longer than the 14 days recommended by health authorities.

In this way, the value of the fund allocated to the delivery person is calculated based on their transfers over the last 30 days and will be proportional to the time taken to deactivate the registration – within a maximum period of 28 days. 

iFood protection fund

This modality of the iFood covid fund was designed for those over 65 years of age or who are part of the risk group.

Delivery people who fall into this group have extended protection time. Until the end of December 2021, partners who contributed to this fund will receive an amount based on the transfers of the last 30 days and will also have the total amount doubled. 

This way, they can protect themselves and continue generating income for the family.

In addition to the iFood covid fund for delivery people

iFood invested in the production of informative prevention and safety materials regarding the virus. 

In addition, the company also instructed delivery partners to frequently clean their hands and bags with soap and water and is now supplementing prevention with personal protection kits. 

Finally, the actions to support delivery drivers during the pandemic, which include the distribution of personal protection kits – consisting of 500 ml of alcohol gel, 4 reusable masks and informational materials, a health benefits plan, and increased tips – R$ already totals 33 million reais invested.


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