iFood becomes maintainer of the Road Safety Observatory

In partnership with the entity that created the Maio Amarelo movement, the company reinforces its actions for traffic safety

This Tuesday (June 27th), the National Road Safety Observatory —which created, in 2014, the movement Yellow May for traffic safety—announced iFood as its new sponsor. 

The entity also develops actions to reduce accident rates on the streets of Brazilian cities. With this partnership, iFood will provide financial support to the cause of safe mobility and will have a seat on the Observatory Council to collaborate with the entity's strategic discussions on traffic safety.

In addition, the company will also receive technical assistance from the Observatory for studies and research, in addition to having access to the collection of these materials.

“This partnership marks our commitment to advancing the traffic safety agenda, with a focus on the integrity of delivery people”, comments Fernando Martins, head of Social Impact at iFood. “We are excited about the possibility of joining the Observatory’s board of maintainers and building purposeful agendas with all interested parties.”

Fernando says that, as maintainer of the Observatory, iFood's objective is to think of alternatives, solutions and levers in the short, medium and long term for the road safety of delivery people.

Data technology for road safety

Furthermore, he highlights that carrying out research together with the Observatory, involving society and delivery people, will bring more insights for iFood to make better decisions about traffic safety.

Although, in his view, the problem of traffic accidents will not be resolved in the short term, given its complexity, it is also necessary to carry out actions that already produce more immediate results.

“iFood’s business areas are looking at this issue very carefully”, he highlights. “We are committed to understanding how we can reduce accidents, also aiming to interact with public authorities and with the delivery people themselves to carry out traffic safety campaigns.”

iFood’s actions in road safety

iFood is constantly working to expand its educational activities for delivery men and women on accident prevention. Since 2020, the company has promoted the program Helmet Angels, which has already trained 670 delivery drivers in first aid, traffic safety and accident prevention.

In 2023, iFood carried out a pilot in-person defensive driving course for delivery men and women on the platform. In this first pilot edition, held in Brasília, Fortaleza and Recife, 290 delivery drivers were trained.

For those who deliver by bicycle, the company offers an online course on iFood Pedal Responsive Pedal, where delivery drivers learn about using electric bikes and riding safety.

The company also offers extensive coverage of personal insurance for delivery men and women registered on the platform, including insurance in case of accident, assistance for the family and exclusive coverage for delivery women.

Furthermore, iFood expanded its educational actions for delivery men and women on the prevention of traffic accidents in the Yellow May 2023 campaign, held between May 16th and June 18th, the company carried out initiatives such as:

Promotion of safety courses road

O Takes off for Deliverers, a platform for quick and free courses, provides 4 courses on traffic safety (Necessary care with the motorcycle; Bike mechanics; Mental health; and Guide for safer traffic).

Gamification platform

In 2023, delivery drivers had access to content modules about traffic safety on a gamified learning platform, with the participation of comedian and influencer Igor Guimarães. By completing the proposed challenges, delivery drivers were able to compete for coupons to be redeemed at the iFood Delivery Store and a brand new motorcycle. 

Awareness campaign for delivery drivers and society

The Yellow May campaign also reinforced communication with useful instructions for delivery drivers, such as how to activate their personal insurance on iFood, in case of accidents during deliveries. Furthermore, the company carried out some campaigns for society on digital watches in the cities of Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo.

KondZilla Immersion

iFood and the KondZilla Institute came together to offer courses training for delivery partners on the platform. A group of 16 delivery drivers immersed themselves at the Institute to produce creative content on the topic of traffic safety.

Defensive driving course

In the Yellow May campaign, instructors from Osasco City Hall (São Paulo) gave a course on defensive driving for iFood delivery partners.

Campaign on Cazé TV

iFood took advantage of famous people reactions of the influencer to educate and encourage people to behave well with delivery people.

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