OL and cloud: how do delivery drivers work on the iFood app?

The company has two options to accommodate the preferences and profile of each professional and the region

iFood has two models that delivery men and women can choose from to make their deliveries according to their preferences: OL and cloud

Most of them (around 75%) register directly on the iFood app for delivery people and work in platform independently. In this modality, called cloud, delivery people have autonomy to make their deliveries and can define how, where and when they want to deliver.

Do you want to know how to work with the iFood app? O iFood News explains below.


In this modality, delivery people work independently. This means they have the autonomy to make deliveries whenever they want, with the flexibility to work at the times and places they want.

This, in fact, is their preference: 2 out of 3 delivery drivers prefer the current work format instead of a work model like formal delivery drivers, points out one search held in 2021 by Instituto Locomotiva.

Furthermore, as they are not exclusive to iFood, cloud couriers can also work with other applications.

OL – Logistics Operator

The OL (or Logistics Operator) is a company with which iFood has an intermediation contract for the delivery activities of orders placed by end consumers. 

Unlike the cloud model, OL arranges with delivery people to work in specific locations (such as shopping malls) and at specific times (such as those with high demand).

Delivery drivers who work in the OL modality are managed by this company, which is responsible for defining the work dynamics. In addition, it will pass on all amounts received for delivery, including tips

These companies and their professionals can provide services to other companies – there is no need for exclusivity.  

Franchise: new model for logistics management

In 2022, the company EntreGÔ was created to improve logistics management and standardize best practices with logistics operators to increase efficiency and the potential to gain scale in these businesses. 

We will test the pilot of this model in Maringá (PR), Salvador (BA) and Sorocaba (SP). In 2023, the format arrives in São Paulo. To operate in this model, interested companies will sign a franchise agreement. 

Thus, future franchisees will work in a unique model with standardized management of systems, tools, processes and flows, following the concept of a franchise.

What changes for delivery people?

The company interested in becoming an EntreGÔ franchisee will be responsible for defining its operating format with the delivery drivers. In this new model, the work processes will be clearer to delivery drivers, and they will have support from the bases, where they will be able to use bathrooms, spaces to rest and recharge their cell phones. Those who do not wish to operate in this model can choose to migrate to the cloud mode.

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