How iFood promotes traffic safety for delivery people

Discover the company's actions to offer a safe delivery journey with traffic education, insurance and health care

A safety of delivery men and women in traffic is a priority at iFood, which offers various types of support so everyone can work safely.

The company, in fact, became in June this year maintainer of the National Road Safety Observatory, which created the movement Yellow May, focused on actions to improve traffic safety.

With this, iFood also began to financially support the cause of safe mobility and collaborates with discussions on the topic by having a seat on the Observatory Council.

So, would you like to know more about the company's actions in favor of road safety for delivery men and women?

Accident insurance

At the Delivery of Advantages, iFood offers 7 insurance coverages for delivery partners, which include personal insurance, temporary injury coverage, family assistance, preventive treatment, partial or permanent disability, accidental death and exclusive coverage for delivery women.

Health care

Delivery men and women receive health assistance, included in the Delivery Benefits. This means they have access to free teleconsultations, in-person consultations from R$ 19.90 and discounts at pharmacies and dental plans.

Training for safe driving

Helmet Angels 

One of iFood's areas of action to ensure the safety of delivery men and women is education.

One of the company's programs in this direction is the Helmet Angels. Created in 2020, it is a quick training course in emergency techniques, so that delivery men and women can provide first aid and become aware of how to promote safer traffic for everyone.

Anjos de Capacete has already trained more than 500 delivery people in different regions of the country. The project has already been carried out in the cities of Belo Horizonte, Campinas, João Pessoa, Londrina, Maceió, Recife, Rio de Janeiro, Salvador and São Paulo.

Responsive Pedal 

Those who deliver bikes have a online course, O Responsive Pedal, which is part of iFood Pedal, the world's first bicycle rental service exclusively for delivery people.

Pedal Responsa has already trained more than 16 thousand iFood partner bike delivery drivers. The content of the classes covers how to use an electric bicycle safely, health care and tips for efficient and pleasant communication during delivery.

Takes off

Another learning option for delivery men and women is the Takes off for Deliverers, a quick and free course platform that provides 4 courses on traffic safety.

Support points

These are physical spaces for the delivery man or woman to take a break to rest during deliveries. They are located in iFood partner restaurants, in delivery hubs or in public spaces.

Us support points located in restaurants, delivery people can drink water and go to the bathroom. In public spaces, you can also recharge your cell phone battery and heat your lunch in the microwave.

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