iFood Advantage Delivery has a discount on motorcycle insurance

Deliverers have insurance rebates from 12%, which covers 100% of the Fipe Table in case of theft, theft and total loss

Motorcycle insurance — important to protect delivery men and women in case of unforeseen events such as theft, theft or total loss and to provide assistance if necessary — is also part of the motorcycle package. Delivery of Advantages.

Delivery of Advantages offers a discount of at least 12% on company insurance. Suhai/I'm Guaranteed and coverage of 100% from the Fipe Table in the event of theft, theft or total loss of the motorcycle in a collision. It also includes 24-hour vehicle assistance.

An iFood delivery person for two years, Felipe Pagani says he discovered motorcycle insurance through the Delivery de Vantagens program. “I found it super interesting because it is accessible and reliable”, he says. “With less than one delivery I make per day, I can pay my insurance and feel comfortable knowing that I am insured.”

He says that, before taking out insurance through iFood, he had never had a plan of this type. “When there were problems, like a flat tire or lost keys, I had to push the bike home or to a tire shop”, he recalls.

“And these things happen precisely at the end of the day, when we are tired and want to go home after working all day. Now, with insurance, if something happens, just call and the tow truck will arrive quickly”, he says. “It’s worth it to avoid the poison that we go through when there is an unforeseen event.”

The simplicity of signing up for the plan caught the delivery man’s attention. “I did everything online, from my garage, without having to travel,” he says.

O Delivery of Advantages was launched in 2019 by iFood as a discounts on services and products for delivery men and women who work on the platform. Expanded in 2023, it now brings together all the advantages in the same environment, the application for delivery men.

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