How has AI evolved over the years? See the iFood web series

In the second episode, the company's CEO and executives show how it has become easier to work with artificial intelligence

The application of iFood was created by Brazilians of flesh and bone. But will the artificial intelligence Could you also program your app yourself? Almost. 

For now, we still need human beings to ask the AI to do this, to give guidelines and indicate what language and what type of application we want, explains Fabricio Bloisi, CEO of iFood, in the second episode of special iFood web series about AI, which shows how AI has evolved over the years.

Then, just ask the AI to test and see what errors the program has — a job that would previously involve several programming professionals and that is now done quickly by the computer.

And it's not just the programming area that is advancing. “Very soon we will be able to create videos just by asking something from the computer”, explains Fabricio in the video, in which he also shows the evolution of images generated by AI in ten years.

This technology is also becoming more accessible to everyone. “Today, anyone can train, program and use a model”, adds Marcos Gurgel, the company’s director of innovation. 

“At iFood, each area is able to look at this and say 'I can use this technology to solve a certain problem for my client'.”

Follow the iFood AI series

To inspire more people and companies to embark on the universe of artificial intelligence, iFood, a Brazilian technology company, is sharing its knowledge on the topic in this special web series, which will have six episodes, all available on YouTube. 

In this series, company executives will reveal the behind-the-scenes development of artificial intelligence in the world and at iFood and talk about how AI has evolved.

Anyone who follows the web series will find out, for example, what the new products that iFood is launching and that use artificial intelligence to benefit customers, delivery people and restaurants — and how company employees use AI in their work.

At the first episode, Fabricio Bloisi, CEO of iFood, and Diego Barreto, vice president of Finance and Strategy at the company, bring examples of how generative artificial intelligence has been revolutionizing computer programming and what is the impact of these transformations on iFood's business.

In the next episodes, you will find out which iFood products use AI, how this technology changes the world of work and our ethics and what is the vision of iFood CEO, Fabricio Bloisi, on the future of AI.

Stay tuned to iFood News to learn more about the iFood AI series!

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