iFood shows the innovation method at Rio Innovation Week

iFood was present at Rio Innovation Week and presented the Jet Ski method of innovation — find out more in this article.

Marcos Gurgel, director of Corporate Ventures, Open Innovation & Jet Skis, brings some of the atmosphere of the event

Innovative minds gathered from January 13th to 16th to exchange ideas at Rio Innovation Week. The event, held in Rio de Janeiro, brought 500 speakers — including Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak and Virgin president Richard Branson — and attracted more than a thousand startups.

The director of Corporate Ventures, Open Innovation & Jet Skis at iFood, Marcos Gurgel, also presented himself: he spoke to the audience about the Jet Ski model of innovation adopted in foodtech. “The main theme of the event was entrepreneurship and new businesses, with many companies and startups wanting to create new things”, he states. “There was a consensus that the event was much bigger than expected, which reveals a huge interest among people in the topics of innovation and entrepreneurship.”

He says that, among the speakers and exhibitors, a good sample of the Brazilian innovation ecosystem was represented at the event, covering varied topics, from agtech to the tourism sector. At its stand, iFood showed innovations such as autonomous vehicles, and attracted the attention of entrepreneurs. “I noticed a lot of interest in what we are doing in terms of technological innovation.”

In these interactions, many entrepreneurs and startups started a conversation with iFood because they were interested in working in partnership with foodtech. “About 50 startups came to me wanting to develop something together or to talk about solutions applicable to iFood. This shows that they see us as a possible partner with whom to develop new ideas”, he says.

And many people wanted to know iFood's secret: how to keep the spirit of innovation active despite being a large company. “From the moment iFood becomes a large corporation, with almost 6,000 professionals, they want to know how we maintain the speed of innovation”, reveals Marcos — who answers this question in this article.

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