iFood is awarded the MIT Innovative Workplaces award

Company wins MIT's Innovative Workplaces for the third consecutive year, which values innovation

iFood is one of the 20 companies that won the Innovative Workplaces award from MIT Technology Review Brazil, which recognizes organizations that stand out in the Brazilian innovation scenario, including organizational culture, work methods and use of technology to improve employee experience. 

This is the third time that iFood (which had already been awarded in 2022 and 2023) received the “Innovative Workplaces Brasil 2024” seal. The delivery took place during the event held on July 4th, in São Paulo.

A Innovation is one of the pillars of iFood's culture, so much so that the company has specific, lean and multidisciplinary teams, to put ideas to the test without fear of taking risks – these are the Jet Skis.

“Our area is always looking for new ideas and projects, which we call Jet Skis. This approach allows us to explore new territories and innovation opportunities that have not yet been addressed, keeping us always ahead”, says Marcos Gurgel, director of innovation at iFood. 

This year, more than 2,000 companies signed up for the award – double the number compared to last year. In addition to iFood, the following were awarded:

  • Allele
  • Ambev
  • Boston Scientific
  • Boticário Group
  • Bradesco Seguros
  • BrasilPrev
  • Generali
  • Gerdau
  • Itaipu Binacional
  • Mobiup
  • NTT Date
  • Oxygea Ventures
  • Petrobras
  • SAS
  • Teleperformance
  • Vibra Energy
  • VLI
  • Alive

What is Innovative Workplaces?

Innovative Workplaces is an award created in 2022 by MIT Technology Review Brasil to choose the best 20 most innovative companies in Brazil. For a year, champions can use a seal that symbolizes their spirit of innovation in all sectors of the operation. 

To grant this seal, MIT Technology Review Brasil evaluates companies taking into account actions related to innovation in four axes: management, products and services, marketing and processes.

“Our objective is to foster a culture of innovation in the corporate environment in Brazil. We seek to promote the maturity of the use of technology, rewarding good practices and providing reports with suggestions for improvement”, explains André Miceli, CEO of MIT Technology Review.

To choose the winning companies of Innovative Workplaces and reach the result, MIT Technology Review Brasil also evaluates criteria such as diversity, decision-making based on data and open innovation. 

This analysis is quantitative (companies respond to a questionnaire) and qualitative (interviews with company executives). “In addition to recognizing the capacity of these companies to innovate, we prioritize those that delivered relevant projects in the last 12 months”, says André.

At the Innovative Workplaces 2023, the awarded companies were: Algar Tech, Boston Scientific, Bradesco Seguros, Brasilprev, Braskem, Carrefour, Claro, Generali, Hilab, Hospital Albert Einstein, iFood, Lojas Renner, Mercado Bitcoin, Nestlé, Octadesk, Petrobras, Siemens, Vibra Energia, VIVO and Wemobi.
At first edition, held in 2022, the winners were: Ambev; Braskem; HERE; Carrefour Bank; Cisco; Conexa Saúde; G4 Education; Generali; Albert Einstein Hospital; iFood; Moved; Nestlé; Olist; Omnify; Reservation; SAS; Siemens; Tecban; Vibra Energia and Wemobi.

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