Rains in the South: iFood helps delivery drivers, stores and the population

Company makes transfers to partners and launches donation campaign via the app for NGOs that provide assistance to affected people

iFood, Brazilian technology company, is mobilized to help its partners who have been affected by heavy rains in the south of the country. It also provides support to the region's population through an emergency donation campaign for NGOs via the app CUFA It is Citizenship Action.

Find out more below about iFood's three areas of action to help overcome this difficult situation.

Partner stores

iFood will benefit 2,018 partners affected by the rains in Rio Grande do Sul with the anticipation of the transfer amounts for the next three weeks.

There will be almost R$ 10 million in advance transfers, and iFood will fully cover the advance costs. The objective of the action is for partners to have more cash available to facilitate the recovery of their businesses.

The advance transfers will be those of September 20th, September 27th and October 14th, referring to receivables from sales made between August 14th and September 12th. For sales starting on September 13th, payments will be made again within 30 business days.

Delivery drivers

iFood delivery partners and their families will be welcomed and will have emotional and material support from the company in eight of the cities affected by the extratropical cyclone.

The benefits should include 706 delivery men and women. The selection criteria is to have done at least one route per week in the last three weeks of August (from August 14th to September 3rd).

The eligible delivery men and women will receive four extra payments, totaling a weekly investment of R$ 276 thousand and a monthly investment of R$ 1.1 million. 

The value of the transfers will be calculated based on the average earnings in the last three weeks of August, with a minimum of R$ 100.


Through the app, iFood customers can make donations to the emergency campaign to support people affected by the rains in the South.

The funds raised will be passed on to iFood partner NGOs CUFA (Central Única das Favelas), which will distribute essential items to the affected population, and Ação da Cidadania, which will provide food.

There are two ways to make donations in the app. One of them is when completing an order, when you are asked if you want to make a donation. The other is by going to your “Profile”, which is in the bottom right corner of the home screen. There, select “Donations” and choose “SOS Southern Region – Citizenship Action” and/or “SOS Southern Region – CUFA”.

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