Quiche, scone and taco: King Charles' coronation foods

Check out what dishes will be served at popular British festivals in honor of the new monarch

One of the events of the coronation of King Charles III, which takes place this Saturday, is the Grand Coronation Lunch, the community festivals that will be held between the 6th and 8th of May throughout the United Kingdom. 

The idea is to bring neighbors and communities together to celebrate the new monarch, in the spirit of sharing friendship and, of course, lots of food. 

This year, the star of the menu will be the coronation quiche, which has a filling of spinach, broad beans and tarragon and can be accompanied by salad and boiled potatoes so beloved by the English.

The dish was chosen by King Charles, by Queen Consort Camilla and royal chef Mark Flanagan for being versatile (it can be served hot or cold and caters to different types of diet) and for not being very expensive.

The royal shared the recipe with us, and you can learn it in the video below (in English). Check out the full recipe, in Portuguese, at the end of this text.

What else will be served to celebrate King Charles' coronation?

In addition to quiche, another savory recipe that is part of the special menu for community festivals is that of coronation eggplant, seasoned with olive oil, garlic, onion and paprika and then fried or grilled on the barbecue.

To complete chef Nadiya Hussain's recipe, the eggplant is served with a sauce made from yogurt, curry and mango chutney.

And it will even have a Latin touch with shrimp tacos with pineapple sauce, a creation of chef Gregg Wallace. For meat fans, there is rack of lamb (a meat widely consumed in the United Kingdom) with an Asian marinade by chef Ken Hom.

Shrimp tacos are one of the food suggestions for parties in honor of King Charles' coronation

To complete the meal during King Charles' coronation celebrations, another recipe published by Buckingham Palace is the popular one. scones, a type of cupcake that everyone loves there, especially to accompany tea.

The difference is that, in the festive recipe, the scones take some Indian black tea (darjeeling type), King Charles' favorite, explains chef Martha Collison.

Scones are a type of cupcake that is very popular with the British (and are usually accompanied by cream and jam).

The other recommended dessert couldn't be more British: it's the trifle, which is a combination of layers of sponge cake, fruit, cream and whipped cream assembled on a special plate. 

A recipe from trifle Special created by chef Adam Handling using two ingredients that are popular among the English: strawberry and ginger.

A typical UK dessert is trifle, which alternates layers of sponge cake, cream and fruit.

Coronation quiche recipe

Dough ingredients

  • 125 g of flour
  • A bit of salt
  • 25 g cold butter, cubed
  • 25 g of lard
  • 2 spoons of milk
  • (or 250 g shortcrust pastry or ready-made pie dough)

Filling ingredients

  • 125 ml of milk
  • 175 ml of cream
  • 2 medium eggs
  • 1 tablespoon chopped fresh tarragon
  • Salt and pepper
  • 100 g grated cheddar cheese
  • 180 g cooked spinach, lightly chopped
  • 60 g cooked broad beans or soybeans


1. To make the dough, sift the flour and salt into a bowl, add the fats and rub the mixture with your fingertips until it has a sandy texture, with flakes like bread crumbs.

2. Add the milk a little at a time and mix until it becomes a homogeneous dough. Cover and let rest in the refrigerator for 30 to 45 minutes.

3. Lightly flour your work surface and roll out the dough into a circle slightly larger than the diameter of your pan and approximately 5mm thick.

4. Line the mold with the dough, being careful not to leave any holes. Cover and let rest for another 30 minutes in the refrigerator.

5. Preheat the oven to 190°C.

6. Line the baking tray with baking paper, add a weight (like beans) and bake for 15 minutes; remove the baking paper and weight.

7. Reduce the oven temperature to 160°C.

8. Beat the milk, cream, eggs, herbs and seasonings.

9. Spread half the grated cheese over the base of the baked pie, cover with the chopped spinach, broad beans and herbs and pour in the liquid mixture.

10. If necessary, gently stir the mixture to ensure the filling is evenly distributed, but be careful not to damage the dough.

11. Sprinkle the rest of the cheese. Place in the oven and bake for about 20 to 25 minutes until the quiche is firm and lightly golden. Enjoy!

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