How iFood listens to customers — and why it makes a difference

Discover the events that the company holds with this community to improve your experience on the app

During Customer Month, which is celebrated in September, iFood prepared a listening event for the super customer community. The group was received at the company's headquarters, in Osasco (SP) for the  iFood Day, an immersive experience into the company's culture, values and ecosystem.

This is one of the actions in which iFood carries out a active listening with the community, made up of 35 frequent customers — who between March and August 2022, made more than 4,800 orders and 1,775 reviews. They are invited to share their opinions and test new things. 

“The super customer community is a group of frequent customers with whom we aim to strengthen relationships by humanizing the relationship with the brand, creating emotional connection and loyalty”, explains Thais Suzuki, director of customer experience at iFood. 

In addition, several listening and rapprochement actions are carried out with the group, such as Beta Tester, an initiative in which the Community, in partnership with the iFood Product team, tries new products, builds solutions or improves existing ones based on in your needs.

On these listening occasions, participants have, since March 2021, given more than 1,900 feedbacks about products, restaurants, orders, service and experience with iFood, among other topics that were passed on to internal teams to work on improvements.

Increased satisfaction

An example is Fernando, one of the community participants who is visually impaired. He took the stage on iFood Day to talk about his experience with the company and the community's efforts to send descriptions of 811 stickers to the message group so that everyone could receive these communications in an accessible way.

“This translates into accessibility. Today I can place any order on iFood with enormous autonomy, however I want”, he told the audience. “I don’t just represent Fernando, but a class of people with visual impairments. Everything you do benefits not only me, but also a community of 45 million people who have a disability.”

Thais reinforces that listening initiatives are part of the objective of the iFood Customer Experience team, which is to transform customers into fans. “By listening to what they bring, we understand what makes sense and what doesn’t, and thus deliver the best experience.”

The strategy is yielding results: “After the creation of the community, in March 2022, customers began to be invited to test new things. They are part of a messaging group and, there, we encourage them to learn about new services, such as pharmacy and market, and give us feedback”, says Thais. Since the group's inception, the NPS [acronym for Net Promoter Score, an indicator of how much someone would recommend a company based on their experience] of this group has grown by 27%. They are very receptive people, with whom we have great exchanges.” 

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