Go behind the scenes at #UAUiFood

Do you want to know how personalized kits are created to delight customers? Giovanni tells everything!

Last week we shared the story of an action #UAUiFood that we carried out with a customer who fainted when receiving her iFood order. Today, the CX (Customer Experience) team invites you to go behind the scenes of this initiative.

Remembering: what is #UAUiFood?

The #UAUiFood is an initiative by the Customer Experience team to surprise consumers. This is a strategy to exceed expectations and demonstrate how essential customers are to the iFood ecosystem — and turn everyone into fans of the brand.

To achieve this purpose, the iFood team looks for several opportunities to provide #UAU experiences. It can be in customer service, on social media, on special occasions, holidays and other important dates. 

These actions not only involve the creation of personalized kits and letters full of affection (sent to customers in various cities), but they are also a daily commitment to understanding and improving the complete customer journey.

What customers say who received

“I loved my kit, very cute! And iFood always helps me when I need it, with lots of attention and care. Thank you🥰”

“Wow, what a sight to receive such a cool souvenir. I wasn't expecting it and I thought it was too much. Thank you very much for the service you gave me and thank you very much for the gift. I loved."

“My life is super busy, and having iFood and the convenience of finding what I need is incredible and practical. From lunch, to a gift for the client, a treat for friends or the cold wine at the FDS!”

Now, something new: #UAUClubeiFood

This year, the CX team brought an innovation: #UAUClubeiFood — a partnership between the Customer Experience team and the Clube iFood team. This union aims to recognize and get even closer to the members of the iFood Club.

Today, we had the opportunity to take a peek behind the scenes with Giovanni, one of the collaborators who actively contributes to the creation of the kits. 

He shared with us the step by step process and how every detail is carefully crafted with great care. This is the result of the joint work of many dedicated people who collaborate on the #UAU strategy, and who strive to demonstrate to our customers how special they are to iFood. Check it out below!

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