Discover iFood's commitments in partnership with the UN

On UN Day, iFood presents the commitments for the ESG guidelines that it signed in partnership with the organization

In 2021, the iFood became the first Brazilian technology company specializing in delivery to sign the UN Global Compact (United Nations), the largest corporate initiative for sustainable development in the world, which was joined by more than 12 thousand companies from 160 countries.

This initiative is in line with the alignment of the company's environmental impact actions with Sustainable Development Goals, which are the 17 goals outlined by 193 world leaders to solve the planet's main social and environmental challenges by 2030.

In addition to joining the Global Compact, iFood signed other commitments with the UN. Check out what they are below:

Racial diversity

With the aim of having 40% people of color in overall employee count and 30% in leadership by 2023, iFood signed the Racial Equity Promotion Pact, an unprecedented initiative in the world and supported by the UN to combat racism in Brazil.

The initiative seeks to revolutionize the way in which anti-racism institutions intend to solve the problem of racial equity in the country, proposing that companies review their internal culture and reformulate necessary points to actually include the black population in formal work positions and leadership positions.

Inclusion of women

iFood also became a signatory to the Principles of Women's Empowerment (WEPs), composed of seven principles proposed by the UN to guide companies on the path towards gender equality and equity in the labor market.

This pact aims to provide guidance on female empowerment in the corporate world, and dialogues directly with the iFood's goal of, by 2023, having 50% of women in leadership and 35% in senior leadership.

#DPlastic-Free Commitment

In partnership with the UNEP (United Nations Environment Programme) and Oceana, iFood signed a commitment to reduce the use of single-use plastic in deliveries and thus contribute to reducing ocean pollution. Among the goals, one of the objectives is to reduce single-use packaging in operations by 50%.

For this, the iFood Regenerates, an environmental target program that aims to reduce plastic pollution in delivery operations and neutralize carbon emissions by 2025, seeks solutions for sustainable packaging, recyclable collection points and tools in the delivery app that give users the option to choose whether or not they want to receive cutlery and plastic straws.

Discover iFood Regenera, iFood Decola and iFood Includes: the company's three pillars to generate a positive impact on society through actions for the environment, education and inclusion.

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