Programmers of Tomorrow: opportunities for the black population

NGO is iFood's newest partner in the app's Donations environment. Until 6/29, resources donated by customers will be doubled by the company

Education is the main cause supported by iFood. In the end, as a signatory of the UN Global Compact, the company is committed to promoting what is inclusive education and quality for everyone. 

Therefore, leading and integrating education programs and supporting NGOs committed to the cause has been a priority for the company. These partnerships enhance the positive impact of iFood's actions, which comes closer and closer to its goals in the area of education for 2025. 

In-app donations are one of the most effective ways to support these institutions. Anyone who is a user has certainly come across a notification in the app about donation campaigns for iFood partner NGOs or have already been invited to make a donation at the end of the shopping journey. Currently, 13 NGOs are part of the donation and collaboration environment It's simple and fast.

The newest NGO to join the donation environment is Programmers of Tomorrow, a social organization focused on qualifying, strengthening and giving protagonism to young black, brown and indigenous people so that they can build a career in the technology area. The priority audience are students in the 2nd or 3rd year of high school or recent graduates up to 21 years old.

The campaign on the iFood app began on the 12th of June, and anyone who makes a donation to the institution by the 29th will, indirectly, contribute double: iFood will double the value of the collaborations during this period. 

The donation in the iFood app will directly impact the selection of more young people, enabling them to graduate and get jobs in the technology area. 

In 2023 alone, so far, the organization has already selected more than 200 students in four classes. The plan is to open a new class with at least 120 students this year.  

Change of reality

“Having iFood as a supporting company of Programadores do Ajante is a great achievement and satisfaction. It is an achievement for being one of the largest technology companies in Brazil and a great satisfaction because it is a team genuinely interested in changing people's lives through education”, says Cleber Guedes, CEO of the organization. And he adds: “That’s what we believe, technology and impact can and should go together.”

Students selected by the program have access to training full stack in programming, with a focus on JavaScript, and also training in English, essential for them to be able to consult content in international forums and use foreign tools.  

Furthermore, they follow a development path, where they work soft skills and preparation for the job market. And they also have psychological support provided by specialized professionals. 

The course, free, is 100% remote and lasts 12 months. In addition to training, the most needy students receive notebooks and stipends to cover internet costs, coming from various organizations such as iFood, Méliuz, Keeggo and Instituto Localiza.

The average salary of a student aged 18 who completes training is R$ 3,600, which can mean an increase in family income of 250% in some cases. “These young people are the main source of income for the house right after completing high school, and this opportunity can change the reality of many families”, explains Cleber. 

How can I donate through the iFood app?

Anyone who wants to collaborate using the iFood app has three options:

1) Donation at checkout: donate a fixed amount when paying for the order;

2) Round: complete what is missing from the full amount at the time of payment in the app;

3) In profile: make a donation at any time by opening the “Profile” tab and clicking on “Donations”.

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