iFood debates the revolution through education at Expo Favela

VPs Luana Ozemela, Gustavo Vitti and Diego Barreto spoke about how technology democratizes teaching and increases inclusion

O iFood went to Expo Favela talk about the social impact of Invest in education —and also presented its actions in this area. Side by side with entrepreneurs and startups from the favelas, executives from the company (main sponsor of the event) participated in debates on the topic. 

One of the spokespeople was vice-president Luana Ozemela. “For iFood, it is extremely important to support and sponsor an event like this. A Expo Favela it brings together thousands of entrepreneurs who need to be supported and leveraged”, said Luana in her participation in a debate on entrepreneurship held on Saturday.

“Nothing better than a company like iFood, which mediates partners and customers, to do this by connecting the purpose of feeding the future of the world. We hope to leverage our projects and social programs and have an increasingly greater impact on society”, he added.

Another executive who was present was Gustavo Vitti, vice president of People and Sustainability. In addition to participating in the “Education and Resistance” debate, on Sunday, he participated in a podcast held at the event, mediated by Marcio Lima, president of Cufa (Central Única das Favelas) Bahia. 

Vitti spoke about the importance of education for iFood. “To have a genuine and intentional impact on society and see a more prosperous country, we have to invest in education.” 

Democratization of education

He explained to Marcio the vision he shares with iFood. “If Brazil wants to be a power, it needs to master technology. We need to take technology education to the periphery. Look at the size of the socio-digital revolution that we can make”, said Vitti.

To illustrate, he spoke about iFood's actions, such as Tech Marathon (a competition to awaken students' interest in technology), the My High School Diploma (for delivery drivers to obtain the diploma) and the Tech Power, a platform that supports the training of professionals in technology and has already helped more than 1,500 people from the peripheries to work in the area.

“People who graduate from Potência Tech increase their family income by two and a half times,” shared Vitti.

Also at Expo Favela was Diego Barreto, vice-president of Strategy and Finance at iFood, who highlighted how technology has made knowledge accessible to young people. “The world is changing. Today, because of microprocessing and telecommunications, it is much more about digital technology, which is accessible, democratic and scalable”, he told the audience.

“The exhibition represents a lot of what iFood is, it represents the figures of the delivery man and the Brazilian micro-entrepreneur who opens his restaurant and also our user”, he stated. “As important for us as supporting [the event] is learning from the stories that make these people as Brazilian as iFood is.”

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