iFood enters the field as official sponsor of the games on social media

The company entered into a partnership with Casimiro and LiveMode, official media partners of the FIFA World Cup

iFood, a Brazilian technology company, enters the field as the official sponsor of the games on social media. The company is one of the sponsoring brands of the Copa do Cazé, led by streamer Casimiro and the company LiveMode, which acquired the broadcasting rights for 22 World Cup games from FIFA. The delivery company's initiative is part of the actions prepared to connect millions of Brazilian fans with the brand and engage the public on social media during the biggest football tournament in the world.

“As a Brazilian technology company, innovation is part of our DNA and for this World Cup we created a disruptive and pioneering campaign that focuses on social networks, an environment that Brazilians are very connected to and that during the World Cup period will be no different”, says Ana Gabriela Lopes, Marketing Director at iFood. “As the official sponsor of the games on social media, we understand the importance of teaming up with Casimiro, who is one of the biggest names we have on the internet and at the same time has a strong presence in the world of football.”

iFood's sponsorship includes several actions that will be shown during the game schedule. In addition to vignettes and commercials, the company will have interaction actions with Casimiro and guests, delivering meals to them during the broadcasts, and with all fans who are connected following the games on the channel. “We want to create unique experiences in this wave of vibration with the Brazilian team. And with that, we count our role in nurturing these moments, whether among friends, family, at work or outdoors”, concludes the executive. 

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