How about coming with iFood to encourage recycling in Guaíba?

Recicla Guaíba action, sponsored by the company, will collect recyclable waste on the waterfront this Saturday (25th) from 5pm to 8pm

This Saturday (25), the sunset in Guaíba will be a little different. Starting at 5pm, volunteers will gather to collect recyclable waste at Orla do Guaíba, in Porto Alegre (RS). 

The meeting point will be section 1 of the Orla, and the event will also feature performances by Banda Highlab and DJ Zion. This is an action of Recicla Guaíba, Orla do Guaíba's first sustainability program — a partnership between GAM3 Parks and the Rio startup Polen, sponsored by iFood.

Together, Polen and iFood also promote Recicla Orla in Rio de Janeiro. In 18 events, 10.4 tons of materials were collected from the sands of Rio's beaches and 5.4 tons were correctly destined for recycling.

In addition to collecting waste with volunteers, the Recicla Guaíba team will carry out environmental awareness and education activities with the public who frequent the site. All recyclable material collected will be sent to Cooperativa CEA, in Vila Pinto, Porto Alegre. 

Recicla Guaíba has already installed 23 voluntary delivery points (PEVs) for the disposal of recyclable waste in sections with high movement of people, such as bars, kiosks and circulation areas on section 1 of the coast. 

From there, these materials are sent for recycling. On average, around 100 tons of waste (recyclable and non-recyclable) are removed from Parque da Orla per month.

“We want to encourage people who frequent the coast or live nearby to hand in their disposable items. And so they know that they will have the correct disposal destination”, comments Renato Paquet, ecologist and CEO of Polen. 

The public will also be able to quickly access data on the volume collected and recycled at Recicla Guaíba: simply read the QR Codes displayed on the PEVs. 

iFood investment in recycling

To date, iFood has already made 104 PEVs available for disposing of recyclables in three states. “Implementing voluntary delivery points on the Guaíba waterfront is an important step towards reducing environmental impact and promoting awareness and engagement in society. We believe that this way we can reduce the environmental impact in an efficient and lasting way”, says Alexandre Lima, sustainability manager at iFood.

Another new feature at Orla do Guaíba is the installation of a container that will function as a recyclable waste center, where the program team will gather what is collected in the PEVs to sort it before sending the waste for recycling. 

“We will measure the amount of waste produced on the coast and then present the numbers of avoided polluting gas emissions and the benefits to the environment that the recycling process brings”, explains Renato.


Recicla Guaíba Cleaning Task Force

When: 03/25 (in case of rain, the event will be postponed) 

Where: Deck 2 of Section 1 of the Guaíba waterfront, in Porto Alegre; the presentation will be at Rua Guaíba, 360 -POA Gastrobar


5pm – Opening of the Cleaning Task Force and distribution of material

5:10 pm – Start of the cleaning effort

5:40 pm – Educational Screening

6pm – Presentation of Recicla Guaíba and iFood

6:30 pm to 7:30 pm – Show by Banda Highlab and DJ Zion

8pm – Event ends

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