iFood will double donations received on Donation Day

On November 29th, the company will match the amount received from those who donate through the app; find out what your options are to participate

O Donating Day is celebrated on November 29th to encourage people, companies and organizations to embrace donation culture. In 2022, the funds raised will be directed to campaigns that will invest these amounts in the community itself. 

In 2021, the campaign raised R$ 2 million in Brazil. AND iFood participated in the action enabling donations via the app when completing an order. The news in 2022 is that iFood will double the entire amount received in donations on the app on this date and offers a new option for users to participate.

This year, anyone using the app will also be able to round up the payment amount and donate from R$ 0.50 to R$ 0.99 when placing an order, thanks to a partnership with NGO Arredondar Movement.

“Community mobilization is very effective when we are talking about new donors. The Day of Giving actions bring opportunities for everyone to know how to be part of this transformation, donating what they can. Everyone is welcome and no donation is too small!”, comments Carolina Farias, leader of the movement at the NGO Dia de Doar.

How can I donate through the iFood app?

Anyone who wants to collaborate with Dia de Doar using the iFood app has three options:

  • Donation at checkout: donate a fixed amount when paying for the order;
  • Round: complete what is missing for the full amount at the time of payment in the app;
  • In profile: make a donation at any time by opening the “Profile” tab and clicking on “Donations”.

How much has iFood already donated in donations?

From January to November 2022, iFood has already donated more than R$ 6.7 million to the NGOs it supports — and you can Check here how this money is being used. Before the end of the year, donations had already broken the records of 2021 (R$ 5.1 million) and 2020 (R$ 3.2 million).

In 2022, iFood will support education on Donation Day. And you? To help people discover which cause they are most aligned with, iFood created a quiz in partnership with BuzzFeed —he is available here; do the test!

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