Social changes dictate the pace of the Brazilian Music Award

In an exclusive interview, José Maurício Machline, creator of one of the biggest national music awards, discusses new features at the event this year

Businessman José Maurício Machline is passionate about music, as he himself defines in his account on Instagram. And he really has a place to speak for this statement. After all, Zé Maurício is the creator of the Brazilian Music Award, one of the most traditional awards of national music.

The prize appeared in 1987, when Machline was director of Sharp, the company that gave the event its name for many years.

In an exclusive interview with iFood News, José Maurício Machline comments on the importance of iFood, a Brazilian company, sponsor for the first time, this year, the Brazilian Music Award, more than three decades after its creation.

Also on the agenda are changes to this edition’s awards. The “Singer” category, for example, became “Performer”, to include non-binary, female and male artists.

In turn, the Pop/Rock/Reggae/Hip Hop/Funk category is now called “Urban Music”. And the award for best DVD becomes “Best Audiovisual Product”, so that clips, projects for video platforms and music documentaries can also compete.

Check out the chat with José Maurício Machline below.

iFN – Brazilian music reflects the originality that marks our culture, which also reveals musical talents at festivals. How important is the Brazilian Music Award to continue these traditions?

José Maurício Machline – It's in the way the award works, through its curators, to bring artists from all over Brazil and all types of music. 

If you analyze the list of finalists, you will see the diversity of rhythms and artists. You will see classic artists, but also many new names. Shining a light on them is a way of contributing to new music in Brazil.

iFN – The Brazilian Music Award usually brings together established artists and beginners. Do you think this exchange stimulates the creativity of our artists?

José Maurício Machline – Brazilian music has a lot of references. If you take the great artists, they have artists from the past as references, and the same thing happens with new artists. 

It's very interesting when you bring new artists into the daily life of classic Brazilian artists, who for the most part are a reference for this new wave of artists. 

And the award's mission is to bring these artists together and create a healthy and close community.

iFN – Brazilian music has a lot of diversity. And the award, this year, brings new categories, favoring the inclusion of non-binary artists. Is the idea to portray the diverse nature of our musical production?

José Maurício Machline –  The award must continue in accordance with the progress of the Brazilian population in general. The change to have the best performer is necessary not for reasons of music, but for reasons of society's demands. The world moves this way.

iFN – This year, iFood, which is a Brazilian company, sponsors the Brazilian Music Award for the first time. How important is this sponsorship for the Award?

José Maurício Machline –  The fact that iFood is a Brazilian company, run by Brazilians, forms a combination of Brazilian brands with what is most genuine in Brazil in cultural terms, which is music. 

iFood, like the Brazilian Music Award, has national representation. You can order your iFood anywhere in this country, just as you can listen to Brazilian music made anywhere. 

It is a combination of interests and brands with great potential. The winner from this, obviously, is Brazilian music because it has a sponsor focused on its interests. 

iFN – One of the new features of the award is that the “Best DVD” category becomes “Best Audiovisual Product”. Is contemplating the digital world one of the roles of the award?

José Maurício Machline – As for the combination of all formats in the audiovisual category, DVD is a medium that is increasingly decreasing, while minidocs and documentaries are growing. So, it's more than natural that every image linked to music is in one category.

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