iFood opens 700 scholarships to help delivery drivers complete high school

Partnership between iFood and Descomplica prepares partners who did not complete elementary school and/or high school to earn their diplomas

The program My High School Diploma, from iFood in partnership with Uncomplicated, the largest Edtech in Latin America, announces the opening of 700 exclusive scholarships for delivery partners to take the 2022 National Exam for Certification of Skills for Young People and Adults (ENCCEJA). The program had its first wave of registrations in December 2021, when 6 thousand delivery partners signed up to compete for the 2 thousand scholarships available until then. Those who were not included in the first class will have a new opportunity.

With registrations until May 6th, the vacancies are aimed at people over 18 years of age who have not completed elementary school and/or high school and are aimed primarily at self-declared black or brown profiles, women and also people who use bicycles as a means of transportation. transport in the app. The majority of delivery partners registered for the program's first selection of scholarships are between 21 and 29 years old (44%) and, among the motivations for the scholarship, the desire to enter college and have new possibilities for professional work stands out.

Given the Brazilian scenario, in which more than half of the adult population did not complete high school, My Diploma was developed with an innovative and accessible teaching format, in order to attack some of the most frequent reasons for school dropouts: students' loss of interest throughout the course and the difficulty of balancing it with work. To this end, in addition to online preparation with complete reports with data on class consumption, performance and student sentiment, close and professional monitoring of classes is one of the key factors in ensuring student motivation. By dedicating 2.5 hours of daily studies, in up to 3 months, the student will be able to prepare for the exam that guarantees the issuance of a certificate of completion of Elementary or Secondary Education.

The format of the course was designed to engage and arouse the interest of the delivery people, in addition to enabling iFood to monitor the performance of beneficiaries. Descomplica offers, through partnerships with companies, the possibility for employees to complete their training and gain training in various areas. “We want to expand Brazilians’ access to education through what we call distance-free education. The partnership with companies like Ifood, which directly impacts a large number of people from the most diverse social classes, is fundamental to achieving this objective”, says Roberto Grosmam, COO of Descomplica. 

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