The advantages that iFood offers to partner businesses

Visibility on the app, management and marketing tools and discounts on inputs are some of the benefits offered to restaurants, cafeterias and other stores.

The advantages that iFood offers to its more than 300,000 active restaurants go beyond visibility and reach among the brand's more than 40 million customers. 

Being a Brazilian technology company, the platform also delivers an affordable package of services for establishment owners, encouraging entrepreneurship in the country.

Furthermore, iFood increasingly invests in proximity to partner restaurants and in the continuous improvement of services, considering the differences between businesses according to their size and needs.

Find out below the benefits that iFood offers to restaurants and other partner establishments.

Greater visibility

Access to the largest customer base in Brazil 

With any plan contracted on iFood, it is possible to reach the millions of customers who love ordering food and discovering new restaurants through the app.

The partnership with iFood is essential to give visibility to the brand. It even opened doors for us to start selling our pastries at events (André Takeda, partner at Pastéis Takeda, in São Paulo)

Complete marketing

iFood offers advertising tools, photos, marketing, coupons and subsidies for promotions so businesses have more visibility on the app (some are already included in the plan; others can be contracted). 

Super Program

Partners that deliver better customer experiences earn a exclusive seal within the application and a lot of visibility for customers. 

Easier to operate

Discount on the Anota AI tool

Whoever sells on iFood gets a discount to have one robot to answer on WhatsApp and social networks, which brings agility to the management of orders that arrive outside the app.

Order Manager

This tool for receiving and managing orders facilitates and organizes restaurant operations.

iFood Shop

Input purchasing platform for partner restaurants with more than 30 thousand suppliers with special prices.

Digital Account and Special Credit Line

Banking service for receiving weekly payments and which also offers credit with easy rates for those who sell on iFood. 

Guide to improving your store

System that, based on the analysis of statistics and data, recommends improvements for restaurants to improve their performance on the platform

The iFood platform brings us a wealth of information and allows us to test our business. We are able to fluctuate according to different demands, with price options that reach different audiences. (Gabriel Concon, partner at Pizza Prime, in São Paulo)
The company maps hot spots for the business and we prioritize these locations to open new stores (Hélio Pacheco, partner at Severo Burger, in Porto Alegre)

Logistics services for those without couriers

Delivery Plan

Sales model on iFood where all deliveries are made by delivery partners registered on the platform, there is no need to have a logistics structure or hire a professional on your own. 

Easy Delivery

Logistics service that helps partner restaurants deliver orders received through other sales channels, such as telephone, WhatsApp and social networks.

Delivery Security

Aiming to prevent fraud, the service provides restaurants with confirmation of deliveries for delivery customers

Education and consultancies

Free consultancy 

In the first 30 days of operation, iFood partners have access to free consultancy with performance experts, who support and help entrepreneurs improve their results.

iFood is not only committed to selling, but also to supporting entrepreneurs with regard to financial organization, transaction process, ease of purchasing inputs and packaging (Cris Santos, owner of Pizzará Bahia, in Salvador)

Free courses on iFood Decola

This platform brings renowned professionals to train, free of charge, entrepreneurs and employees of establishments

Approach and dialogue

Continuous improvement

iFood constantly works to improve the experience of partner restaurants. There are more than 500 people working on solving restaurant problems in all areas, seeking to offer increasingly accessible and innovative tools and features.

Reporting channel

Tool so that partners can report customers with allegedly irregular conduct to iFood.

Restaurant Forum

Listening group started in 2022, it has the participation of a group of restaurant owners, who represent the more than 300 thousand businesses that operate on the platform. Decisions follow a continuous process of collaboration aimed at improving restaurant operations within iFood.

Encouraging entrepreneurship

iFood Believes

program acceleration of black entrepreneurs being tested in Salvador (BA), with courses, consultancy and special credit line.

Path to first venture

60% of iFood's new partners created their MEI less than 5 months ago, which shows their contribution to many individuals' first venture. By offering a comprehensive and easily accessible platform, iFood allows aspiring entrepreneurs to realize their dream of establishing their own businesses and achieving financial independence.

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