The number of hamburger restaurants on the iFood app grows

Presence of small and medium-sized entrepreneurs on the platform increases by 19% in 2023

Guess what food Brazilians order most on the iFood app? Who follows the iFood News You already know: it's the hamburger. Every year he is in top of the favorites list: in 2023 alone, there were more than 81 million orders across the country. In other words: every minute, 154 burger orders appear on the app.

All this demand also feeds the entrepreneurs who are on the iFood app. In 2023, 3,020 new burger restaurants started selling on the app, of which 76% are small or medium-sized establishments. As a result, the number of small and medium-sized burger restaurants on the app grew by 19%.

“Small and medium-sized burger restaurants have found digital platforms to be a bridge to growth,” says Beatriz Pentagna, leader of the Restaurant area at iFood.

Growing with delivery

Brabo Burguer, from Fortaleza (Ceará), joined the iFood platform as soon as it started operating, in 2021, during the pandemic. “iFood was essential in promoting the brand. In three months, we already had more than a thousand orders”, says entrepreneur Renan Bezerra, who works in partnership with his wife, Liara Montesuma, in the operation of two stores. 

The following year, Brabo Burguer won the Burguer no Ponto award. “This projection was largely due to the showcase that iFood is and its way of boosting the partner brand on the platform”, adds Renan.

Another burger restaurant that was born with a focus on delivery was Cowtelo, from Recife, created in 2020. “If it weren't for iFood, I wouldn't be anywhere close to what I've achieved today”, says entrepreneur Gabriel Alves. “The platform is extremely organized for the retailer and the customer.” 

In 2024, he opened the second Cowtelo store, also in the capital of Pernambuco — where more than 160,000 burger orders are made per month via the iFood app (or 231 per hour).

In Salvador (Bahia), Tá Rebocado was created as a food truck selling burgers and sandwiches in 2016, and opened a physical store the following year. “We have already opened by implementing iFood and we have been growing”, explains the entrepreneur, who currently has another store. 

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