Food is our passion. Technology, our talent.

iFood is a Brazilian technology company that brings customers, restaurants and delivery people together in a simple and practical way. And, to provide an incredible experience for everyone, our delivery goes far beyond delivery.

We are present in Brazilian routines

iFood is made by people who have the same purpose: to feed the future of the world. From the asphalt to the app, we are customers, delivery people and entrepreneurs. We are the kitchen staff and the technology crew. An ecosystem with 80 million orders on the app, which connects more than 250 thousand delivery people and 350 thousand establishments and generates 0.53% of the country's GDP.

We generate social impact
and environmental.

We are always looking for connections with people and initiatives that help build a more prosperous and fair country for everyone. Therefore, we are committed to sustainable delivery, to the inclusion of more Brazilians in the technology market and to education that fuels the future.

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