Sustainability - Environmental

Our compromise
is to feed a future
more sustainable

Goals until 2025

Environmental commitments

Zero plastic pollution associated with the delivery service, reducing the presence of plastic in deliveries by 50% and recycling the remainder.
Become neutral in the emission of polluting gases and carry out at least 50% of our deliveries with non-polluting vehicles, such as bicycles and electric motorbikes.


Less plastic and non-polluting deliveries

Our commitment to To preserve the environment is based on feeding the future of the world in a more sustainable way. We have set goals to eliminate plastic pollution associated with the delivery service by 2025. This includes reducing the sending of single-use plastics (such as cutlery and straws), replacing plastic and Styrofoam packaging with sustainable packaging and recycling the remaining plastic with actions to promote the recycling chain.

Neutralized deliveries

iFood is neutral in terms of carbon dioxide emissionsdelivery operations since 2021. When an order reaches you, the gases emitted have already been compensated.

iFood Pedal

Developed by iFood in partnership with Tembici, is the world's first bicycle rental service (traditional or electric) exclusively for delivery people. Today we are in 5 more cities: Recife, Salvador, Brasília, Porto Alegre and Curitiba. On average 22% of iFood orders are delivered using non-polluting modes.


In partnership with SpeedBird Aero, iFood became the first company in the Americas to use drones in delivery. They are in action in Sergipe and reduce the route from Aracaju to Barra dos Coqueiros to 5 minutes.

The ADA robot

ADA was born from a partnership between iFood and Synkar, and uses artificial intelligence to speed up deliveries in shopping centers and condominiums.

Friends of Nature

Its objective is to encourage partner establishments to reduce the sending of single-use plastic items. All customers can choose not to receive them with their order.

In addition to the public commitment, in 2021 iFood signed a commitment to plastic reduction targets with the UN/UNEP and the NGO Oceana.

Sustainable packaging

We are protagonists in the sector in using technology to develop more sustainable and competitive packaging compared to plastic. With innovation, scale and affordable prices, iFood and partners such as Suzano, Growpack, Klabin and Braskem accelerate the adoption of sustainable packaging by establishments.

Support for recycling

To increase recycling rates in the country, iFood invests in supporting cooperatives, PEVs (Voluntary Delivery Point) and structuring a Styrofoam recycling chain.

Recycle Bot

By accessing “Recicla Bot” on your cell phone, you can find out what is recyclable and what is not, and receive selective collection tips and in correct waste disposal sites.

I've Been Bag: zero landfill

Carried out in partnership with Greening and Retalhar to put reverse logistics into practice: 100% of the bags collected by iFood become other products or are co-processed.

Forest Restoration

We invest in forest regeneration and restoration in partnership with the NGO SOS Mata Atlântica. We have already planted 50 thousand native seedlings from the Atlantic Forest, an area similar to that of 20 football fields.

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