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Come be the protagonist of your own business!

iFood brings visibility and tools to help entrepreneurs in the food sector, markets, pet stores and pharmacies grow with the help of technology.

Delivery drivers

Being at the delivery person’s side is our responsibility.

Every day, delivery drivers do much more than take orders. They help move iFood forward. That's why we invest so much in projects that improve the well-being, satisfaction and, above all, the safety of partners registered on our platform.
iFood tem iniciativas de valorização dos entregadores


The force that drives our community forward with every order.

Every meal choice, every review, and every restaurant and market our customers support inspires us to always improve. Together, we are more than a platform: we build a community.


Here, you have the autonomy to dream big in your own way, alongside a team that works together to make each delivery happen. We combine hunger with the desire to innovate because our adventure has no limits.