Our purpose

We want to fuel the future and we believe in education, inclusion and sustainability to get there

Discover our commitments:


Sustainable delivery

Zeroing plastic pollution in delivery, neutralizing polluting gas emissions and making 50% of deliveries with non-polluting vehicles are the company's public commitments until 2025.

Social impact

Education and Inclusion

We want to feed the future of the world and we believe that quality education allows for more and better choices. We have the goals of impacting 5 million students in basic education, training 5 million people for the work of the future and training and employing 25 thousand underrepresented people in the technology area by 2025.

In the area of inclusion, iFood's goals are: to have 50% of women in leadership and 35% in senior leadership, 30% of black people in leadership and 40% of black people on staff by the end of 2023.


Ethics and transparency

Our governance is based on transparency, the disclosure of data and results and codes of ethics and conduct.

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