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iFood exists to make your life simpler and more practical. With just a few clicks, you can enjoy your favorite dish and shop in stores and markets. Do you want to see it alone? Download the app in the store and place your order. It's easy and quick.

Machine scam: what is it and how to prevent it?

The machine scam is a fraud that can happen when you swipe your card on the device offered by the person delivering your order on iFood.

iFood Community: where our customers meet

Come interact with iFood and other consumers on the platform dedicated to our community

iFood Card

The iFood Card is our gift card and can be used as a payment method in more than 320 thousand accredited establishments, such as restaurants, markets, pharmacies and pet shops.

iFood Club

Customers can use the iFood Club to buy coupons with special discounts for a lower price and thus save on orders made in the app.

Security: how iFood protects your data

The data that customers register on the iFood platform is treated securely and in compliance with the LGPD. Find out what data we collect and the purposes of this processing in our Privacy Statement.

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