About iFood

We deliver more than orders. Our purpose is to feed the future.

We are a Brazilian technology company, leader in delivery in Latin America

Our digital platform connects millions of consumers to restaurants, stores and delivery people in a simple and practical way. Investing in technology and artificial intelligence, iFood is a reference in online delivery in Latin America — proud to be a Brazilian company.

Driven by the purpose of feeding the future of the world, we generate a positive impact on the economy, the environment and society, with income opportunities for those who work with our platform and through our social investment in education.

The AI revolution is just beginning

iFood develops artificial intelligence models to make delivery increasingly personalized, efficient and reliable. With this technology, we make the daily lives of our customers, delivery drivers and partner restaurants easier.

Inside iFood's business

iFood moves 0.53% of Brazilian GDP and wants to deliver the best experience for consumers, delivery people, restaurants and partner establishments.

+ 80 million

of orders delivered per month

+ than 330 thousand

partner establishments

+ than 1,700

cities across Brazil

+ 250 thousand

active couriers

+ 43 million

of consumers

+ than 5 thousand


Our story

iFood is a Brazilian company: our history began in 2011 with the creation of Disk Cook, a printed menu guide, which evolved into the application we know today, developed with national technology. We quickly gained prominence and received investments from Mobile Group, which today has a 100% stake in our business and was founded in the late 1990s by Fabricio Bloisi, current president of iFood. We have grown through mergers and expanded our services beyond food delivery, offering market solutions, pharmacy, pet stores and other stores. We are currently a leading technology company in online delivery in Latin America, with more than 43 million customers.

Our values and culture

Far beyond food and technology, iFood is a business made up of people: community, partners, employees. We believe that, together, we will achieve our purpose of fueling the future of the world.

The secret to the recipe for success that builds iFood every day is the iFood Way of Working (or JiT), which is based on these values and principles:


We have a big dream: we are on an entrepreneurial journey and we always want to go further. Testing and making mistakes is part of the path of evolution.

Dream big

Face the brutal facts

Owner mentality


Our goals are opportunities to deliver, with high performance, scalable solutions. We think about the future, but with an eye on the short term.

Focus and delivery

Constant appetite

Scalability and future


We believe in the power of innovation for a more prosperous future. That's why we're thirsty for disruption, technology and AI. We test, make mistakes and change quickly and simply.

Agile: fail fast and learn


All together

We are surrounded by people who inspire us to do our best and who provide essential feedback for our development.

Conflicts are essential

Diversity of stories and experiences

Our solutions

iFood delivers much more than meals. Come and discover everything we offer.

From fruits to cleaning products: do your shopping without leaving home — and with scheduled delivery.

An online store with everything your restaurant needs — and at the best prices.

To be used in food, culture, health and mobility, with much more freedom for workers and companies.

A gift that can't go wrong: you choose the value and whoever wins decides what they're going to buy.


Partner establishments that do not have delivery people can hire a delivery service on our platform.

Generating positive impact

Every day we seek to generate positive impact inspired by our purpose of fueling the future of the world. On our evolution path, we want to:
• Use the power of education to contribute to a more prosperous world;
• Create a positive impact on the environment and be a reference in sustainability;
• Innovate with technology to deliver not just food, but to provide special moments, in addition to bringing intelligent solutions capable of promoting inclusion and impacting the lives of thousands of people.