New: you can now add items to your iFood market order

iFood is the first delivery app that allows you to add products to your order directly on the tracking screen

iFood is always looking to improve the tools available in the app to improve the delivery experience. And the most recent innovation is that customers can now add items to their grocery orders directly from the tracking screen — as long as the store has not yet initiated the order.

There's more: iFood is the first delivery app that offers this functionality. Previously, when placing an order in these stores, customers could not add an item they had forgotten after completion and acceptance by the store.

How to add items to the iFood market order

  • After placing your order, the tracking screen appears. There, you will find a button with the phrase “Forgot an item?” and, next to it, you can click on “Add”.

  • Search for the desired item, click on the “+” sign and then on “Add Items”.

  • You will go to the payment page: fill in the necessary details and wait for your order to be delivered!


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