950 iFood delivery drivers receive high school diplomas

They were the first participants in the My High School Diploma program, which offers free preparation for the completion test for this stage of education.

Couriers and couriers from the first class of the program My High School Diploma participated, on January 17th, in the graduation event at the iFood headquarters, in Osasco (SP). 

After receiving a scholarship from the program —run by iFood in partnership with Descomplica and Termine Seu Estudos—, they took the preparatory course for Encceja (National Examination for Certification of Skills for Young People and Adults), the test that certifies completion of primary or secondary education. 

Those who passed the test received the long-awaited diploma. According to a survey carried out by iFood, 28% of the delivery men and women registered on the platform did not complete this stage of school training, and the majority expressed the desire to graduate. 

In this first edition, 5,314 delivery men and women signed up to win a scholarship and prepare for Encceja. Of these, 950 passed the test and completed high school.

Some of the graduates took to the stage to share their stories with the audience, alongside Luana Ozemela, vice-president in residence at iFood

The graduation event held at iFood headquarters was also shown live, online, for those who participated in the program but were unable to attend. Those who were present celebrated this achievement with their families and received a round of applause at the opening of the event — in addition to congratulations from the CEO of iFood, Fabrício Bloisi. 

“For us here at iFood, education is the key to success and the future of Brazil. Being able to invest and help our partners to become more educated and grow personally and professionally is very rewarding. Your success is encouraging us to expand this project”, he said.

News in the iFood delivery boy education journey

Also at the event, iFood announced two other new features to support the delivery driver education journey

  • Discount of 100% for 380 delivery drivers who graduated from My High School Diploma and take courses at FAM (Faculty of the Americas);
  • Opening of 50 places at Potência Tech for delivery men and women to take free training in Data Analytics (data science) in the second edition of Vamo AI, carried out in partnership with Resilia, and which is part of the Tech Movement. Classes start in March, and registrations can be made in the website until March 3, 2023.

Inajá Morais and Ramon Brito have already told the iFood News like the Vamo AI course changed their lives. “The course gave me the basis to enter this job market and opened my vision to a different reality”, says Ramon, who dreamed of working with technology since he was little.

Inajá reveals that, at 38 years old, she was the oldest student in the class. And that the course prepared her to explore a new profession. "I have some skills that perhaps younger people don't have. A worldview that makes a difference when I formulate a question for the database. Today we can extract infinite information from data if we ask the right questions. That’s where the skill of data scientists lies,” she explains when telling your life changing story.

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