Delivery drivers pay homage to pastries with good horns

At the Pati Pastel window there is always water, cookies and coffee to welcome those who come to pick up their orders — find out how they thanked us for this good welcome

Who arrives to pick up an order at Pati Pastel is always well received. At the window of this pastry shop in São José dos Campos (SP), partners Patricia Pimentel da Silva Dias and Adalberto Crispim Dias chat with the delivery drivers and offer unlimited water, coffee and cookies, as well as a bathroom and Wi-Fi.

It all started four years ago, when the couple moved to the city. As Patricia likes to cook, she had the idea of making pastries and selling them from the window of her house, to the neighborhood, during the Covid-19 pandemic. Soon after, the business joined iFood — and today operates 100% in delivery.

As soon as the delivery men started to arrive, the two prepared to welcome them. “At first we placed a tray with coffee and cookies on the chair for them”, says Patricia.

Soon after, the duo started offering bottles of mineral water. “When it’s cold, we make them hot chocolate. And when it’s hot, we make some ‘ice creams’”, says Adalberto. “We included all of this in our costs from the beginning.”

At the end of the year, the bakery also holds a draw for Christmas baskets for delivery drivers. “This year, iFood got five bags for us to draw too”, says Adalberto.

Good horn

Today, more than a hundred delivery people pass through Pati Pastel every day. And, to thank this warm welcome, which is never lacking even in the most difficult times for the business, they got together in October to honor Patricia and Adalberto with a “good honk”. 

The delivery men stuck Pati Pastel stickers on their motorcycles and bags and went out through the streets of São José dos Campos honking their horns until they reached the pastry shop's window. They also crowdfunded: they pooled the tips they received and bought a water filter to leave at Pati Pastel (and they still had money left over to buy cups and cookies to leave there). 

“We have to help each other. The love has to be greater, there has to be a change, because this ill will towards the delivery people is too much”, says Patricia. “They are family men, they are warriors, who we see in the fight, in the battle on a daily basis”, adds Adalberto.

Appreciation of delivery people

With this example, the couple shows how important it is to value delivery people. “We are Christians and we believe that, if we don’t love our neighbors, how are we going to love God?”, reflects Adalberto. 

Furthermore, he highlights the importance of this partnership. “Delivery drivers are part of our business. If they can drink water, go to the bathroom, they will leave here calmer, and delivery will be better.”

Rain or shine, the two don't give up on providing good service to their delivery people. “The most rewarding thing for us is the love and affection we receive from them”, says Adalberto. “There is no way to love God without loving the people around me. We need to make a difference and show that, by taking good care of people, profits come.”

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