iFood offers 4 traffic safety courses for delivery people

Decola's platform offers free and quick programs that cover topics such as motorcycle maintenance and mental health in traffic

In the support that iFood gives to education journey for delivery men and women partners, one of the concerns is the traffic Safety. At the Takes off for delivery people, a free and quick course platform created by the company for these partners, some courses on the topic are available and reinforce initiatives linked to Yellow May

iFood Decola has existed since 2021 and has already generated more than 215 thousand certificates for more than 75 thousand people. In total, there are more than 100 courses totaling 60 hours of classes, accessed directly via the link Delivery of Advantages in the app for delivery people.

Find out below which Decola courses are focused on traffic safety.

1) Understand the necessary care for your motorcycle

One of the most important pieces of equipment for delivery work is the motorcycle. Vehicle maintenance needs to be up to date to avoid unexpected and unwanted surprises during trips. The course was created in partnership with Sesi and provides practical tips for preventive motorcycle maintenance, as well as necessary care when using it.

2) Bike mechanics

Those who make deliveries by bicycle are also covered by Decola’s teachings. The bike mechanics course was developed with the help of Sesi and provides tips on vehicle maintenance and inspection.

3) Mental health

It is important to live better and feel good to carry out everyday tasks. In the course, psychologist Lys Aquino explains how mental health affects daily life, provides guidance on how to care for it and how to identify whether it is best to seek professional help – and where to find this help.

4) Guide to safer traffic

The course teaches you how to pre-inspect the vehicle used to make deliveries and how to understand which problems affect its stability, in addition to giving tips on how to drive more safely. After all, all these factors are decisive for greater traffic Safety. The content was created in partnership with Sesi.

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