iFood Decola issues 76 thousand certificates for delivery people in 2023

Discover the course platform that supports the education journey of delivery men and women.

In 2023, the iFood Takes Off issued more than 76 thousand certificates to delivery men and women who took training courses on topics such as delivery and personal development.

Decola is an instructional platform that helps professionals make the most of the iFood app on their delivery journey. 

To this end, it brings content with tips on how to increase the possibility of earning, how to make deliveries with traffic Safety and even learn new skills, such as communication, entrepreneurship and English.

From the moment the delivery man or woman enters the platform, we take care to ensure that they are welcomed and directed with different content to carry out their day-to-day activities, guaranteeing greater security and enhancing their earnings from deliveries”, explains Sylmara Ramon, manager education for delivery people.

Launched in 2021, Decola is part of the Delivery of Advantages, a program that brings together special services and discounts for delivery people. And, in these two years, it has already distributed more than 215 thousand course completion certificates to more than 75 thousand delivery men and women.

In this way, the program supports the education journey of delivery drivers with more than 100 free courses, which can be accessed directly in the app for delivery drivers, using the Delivery de Vantagens link.

The importance of education for delivery drivers

As a Brazilian company, iFood invests in education to collaborate with the construction of a fairer and more equitable country, promoting social, individual and collective impact.

“With education programs, iFood opens doors for delivery drivers to grow personally and professionally, so that dreams can take off and these people have different career opportunities and broad future perspectives”, says Luana Ozemela, vice president of Social Impact at iFood .

Delivery man Matheus Viana took the traffic safety course and passed it. “Great, all the tips on accidents, traffic safety, even the insurance support is wonderful. What I liked most was the traffic tips for safer delivery.”

“I liked it, it brought information about safety procedures and insurance, which was very important.”
Cristiano Biffi, delivery man

And Wedison da Silva, who took a course on earnings, was also satisfied. “The content is very good, especially for me, because I always seek the best efficiency in orders”, he says. “It is always good for our learning to have our doubts answered. This way we will make great deliveries with responsibility and safety, quality and well-being”, agrees his colleague Paulo de Lima.

“Now with the tips I will increase my earnings.”
Matheus Viana, delivery man

“Very good, instructions with the courses to better prepare you for work.”
Marcelo Monteiro, delivery man
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