iFood Decola offers free courses on the delivery app

Platform for quick personal and professional qualification content is also part of the Delivery of Advantages program

O Takes off for delivery people, a free and quick course platform created by iFood for these partners, is also part of the new version of Delivery of Advantages, what now brings together services and discounts in one environment: the application of these professionals.

Since 2021, the iFood Takes Off has already generated more than 215 thousand certificates for more than 75 thousand people, supporting the teaching journey for delivery men and women. In total, there are more than 100 courses totaling 60 hours of classes, which can be accessed directly on the app for delivery people, via the Delivery de Vantagens link.

The platform's courses help, for example, to improve your delivery performance so that have more earning possibilities. And they bring themes to add professional and personal skills to the profiles of delivery people.

Delivery man Edinaldo Leandro Barbosa, “Barba”, from São Caetano do Sul (SP), has already taken courses on Decola and highlights the level of interactivity, which for him facilitates access to content of interest.

“They show various features of the application and things that remain for us to improve our day-to-day work, not only on the platform but also outside of it”, he says. Among them, guidelines on “how to behave and ways of acting that provide us with better working and safety conditions”, he concludes.

Decola courses

When accessing Decola, delivery drivers can choose different types of courses. Some bring tips for your daily life at work — such as ways to increase your earnings and rules on “how to act in different situations to avoid restrictions and inactivations”, explains Sylmara Ramon Verjulio, the company's educational innovation manager.

Others help to better organize personal finances and even create a project to undertake, with classes on sales and innovation, for example. And, for those who want to finish their studies, the platform provides a link to the program My High School Diploma.

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