iFood Decola: learn about the platform and available courses

iFood Decola emerged from the company's understanding that education is the main transformative factor in our society.

Furthermore, the proposal is in line with our purpose of fueling the future of the world and our commitment to empowering 5 million people. 

Therefore, check out what the platform is and the courses offered: 

What is iFood Decola?

iFood Decola is a platform offering quick and free courses for partners, aimed at developing technical and human skills. 

Therefore, the program offers courses of all types, from how to make safer deliveries, to tips on how to undertake and earn more from a business, for example. 

The best thing is that it's all online. This way, we will make it easier for the delivery person to complete the course, allowing the student to attend classes wherever and whenever they want. 

What is the objective of iFood Decola?

The main objective of the platform is to offer dynamic courses aligned with the needs of delivery people, restaurants and markets. 

Furthermore, another important goal of the program is to provide those taking the course with the development of technical and behavioral skills. 

Because of this, the platform is increasingly investing in classes aimed at supporting business growth. Therefore, another concern is curriculum development: ensuring a program that is always updated and relevant to those who study. 

What are the iFood Decola courses?

iFood Decola courses are divided into 3 categories: Restaurant, Delivery Drivers and Markets. 

All of them are based on the needs of the partners, that is, focused on personal, work and business development. 

Check out the courses in each category:

iFood Decola restaurant

For partner restaurants, iFood offers courses aimed at improving the management of their businesses. marketing, financial management and courses to learn how to sell more within the iFood platform are some of the topics covered. 

With iFood Decola content, restaurants will learn the best practices for delivery.

iFood Takes off delivery man

For delivery partners, iFood offers courses with relevant content so they can be the best at what they do and develop their personal skills.

Delivery drivers have a course track Responsive Delivery, which teaches you how to make good deliveries safely, as well as giving practical tips for using the iFood app in the best way – learning about routes, delivery codes and much more. 

Furthermore, in other Decola modules, partners will be able to learn about entrepreneurship, personal finances, traffic legislation, among other content.

iFood takes off the market

For partner markets, iFood has been investing in training that aims to help establishments make the best use of the iFood platform. In addition, classes also focus on improving management and increasing sales. 

iFood Decola training is developed to serve all audiences within the markets, from business owners to pickers, professionals who collect and separate products.

How to access iFood Decola?

To access the platform, simply click on the links below and log in: Restaurants, Delivery drivers It is Markets.

By expanding development opportunities, we contribute to generating more opportunities for growth, income and personal and professional fulfillment for our partners, their employees and their families.

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