iFood and KondZilla form delivery drivers for the creative economy

Partnership between company and institute launches trail for training content creators on social networks through the iFood Decola platform

To support delivery men and women in their education journey, iFood formed a new partnership in the area, this time with KondZilla Institute, focused on developing creative and entrepreneurial skills.

Now the iFood Takes Off will offer new training for the future of work and the production of digital content: the knowledge trail “Transform your content into business: innovate and grow on social networks”.

This new educational track adds to the Creators School, and is training for anyone who wants to be a content creator or prepare to work in the creative economy.

In six classes, this free course exclusively for delivery drivers will help them develop communication skills in particular. In the end, iFood and the KondZilla Institute will reward the 16 delivery drivers who stand out the most throughout the course. 

“We want to provide another opportunity to learn, dream and even undertake in an area as relevant as the creative industry”, says Sylmara Ramon, education manager at iFood.

What does the creation of digital content have to do with the daily lives of those who work in delivery? In an interview with iFood News, Sylmara talks more about the objectives of this partnership with the KondZilla Institute. 

IFN – How important is it to train delivery people for the world of creation?

Sylmara – Learning to create and monetize content for social networks, in a humanized and engaging way as the Kondzilla Institute trail promotes, is important for developing skills in the areas of communication, entrepreneurship and digital marketing. Furthermore, the trail raises awareness about new digital professions and provides more earning opportunities.

IFN – How do these skills help in the development journey of delivery people?

Sylmara – Knowing how to use social media professionally helps delivery people develop fundamental skills for the digitalized world we live in today, such as communication, data analysis on digital platforms and creativity. These skills are also important for the future of work.

IFN – How does the partnership with the KondZilla Institute enhance iFood’s performance in the area of education?

Sylmara – iFood has the main cause offer access to quality education for everyone. We support actions ranging from basic education, discounts at universities to employability in technology. 

The partnership with Instituto Kondzilla reinforces our purpose by sharing knowledge of the creative industry in an authentic, practical way, for free and with the possibility of generating income. 

The “Transform your content into business” track is available on the iFood Decola platform, an educational platform designed for iFood partners to operate better in delivery and develop new skills.

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