What is iFood Pedal

Every month, 800,000 orders on iFood are delivered by bicycle; discover the results of this initiative

In October 2023, the iFood Pedal —the world's first bicycle rental service dedicated exclusively to couriers— turns three. Available in seven Brazilian capitals, the program reached the mark of 800 thousand orders delivered by bicycle per month.

iFood Pedal was created based on iFood's commitment to making delivery more sustainable and making at least 50% of deliveries using non-polluting vehicles by 2025.

Result: in these three years, iFood Pedal has already prevented the emission of more than 4 thousand tons of polluting gases into the atmosphere. 

The program also facilitates access for anyone who wants to start making deliveries. More than 5,000 delivery people are active in the program, which since 2020 has generated income for more than 22 thousand people.

Today, iFood Pedal is part of the Delivery of Advantages, an initiative that brings together services and discounts for delivery people in its app. And delivery drivers who are part of the program can use the support points to rest, recharge their cell phones, go to the bathroom, drink water or heat their meal in the microwave — and have access to Pedal Responsa, a free course on traffic safety.

In September 2023, the iFood Pedal was recognized with the SDG Innovation award during the SDG 2023 Summit, an event organized by the United Nations (UN) in New York.

“The recognition of iFood Pedal by the UN, as a project that generates positive impact from a social and environmental point of view, contributing to the SDGs, means that we are on the right path and that we have the capacity to innovate to transform the world for the better”, says Fabiane Carrijo, Experience Manager for Delivery People at iFood. 

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