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Do you know how iFood delivery partners work? We clarify several doubts about this subject here.

Discover the initiatives related to work, education and health of those who deliver

What is the work of the people who take the food or purchases from the market to your home? And what does iFood do to offer good conditions for these professionals? Find these and other answers about the world of delivery people here and learn about iFood initiatives to contemplate these partners.

How much do delivery people earn?
As April 2022 adjustment, the minimum value of a delivery is R$ 6. In addition, professionals receive at least R$ 1.50 per kilometer driven.

One research carried out by Fipe (Fundação Instituto de Pesquisas Econômicas) in 2021 also shows that the average earnings of delivery drivers per hour worked on iFood are 165.5% higher than the hourly remuneration they would have in the traditional market.

In addition to the adjustment in earnings, what else do we do for delivery people?
All professionals are entitled, free of charge, to personal accident insurance, which covers up to R$ 15 thousand in emergency medical expenses and has compensation for permanent disability (total or partial) and accidental death. iFood is the only company in the sector that offers coverage in the event of a temporary injury.

Delivery people too can join the free health benefits plan offered in partnership with Avus, where you can have consultations and exams at affordable prices and have up to 80% discount on the purchase of medicines. And, in Delivery of Advantages, you have access to discounts of up to 50% on services such as insurance and maintenance for motorcycles, mobile phone plan, education, health and well-being.

In 2021, iFood created an initiative to support delivery people to reduce the impacts of increasing fuel prices with the Temporary Fuel Fund, which transferred R$ 8 million to professionals through the Delivery of Advantages.

Where do delivery people rest?
During deliveries, couriers have more than 1,300 support points in 14 cities to, for example, drink water, go to the bathroom, use the microwave and charge the cell phone.

Do delivery drivers have access to training courses?
Yes. iFood offers, in partnership with SESI-SP (Industrial Social Service), a free online course on training for delivery people registered on the platform, which addresses traffic responsibility, defensive driving, first aid and motorcycle maintenance. For those who use the electric bicycles iFood Pedal, O Responsive Pedal teaches traffic safety and care and responsibilities with electric bikes in partnership with the Aromeiazero Institute.

Already in the program Helmet Angels, professionals take classes in traffic Safety and how to quickly provide first aid in case of accidents (find out about the classes at the Rio de Janeiro, in Recife it's from London).

Does iFood offer other types of courses?
Several. At iFood Decola platform, delivery drivers can take training courses for the future of work – free or with a grant – on topics such as technology, entrepreneurship, financial management and traffic legislation.

And those who didn't finish high school can get a scholarship to take the preparatory course for the National Examination for Certification of Skills for Young People and Adults (Encceja) in the My Secondary School Diploma program.

How can delivery people talk to iFood?
In addition to the constant dynamic of actively listening to the delivery drivers' demands, iFood formalized meeting and dialogue spaces with its leaders. After carrying out the 1st Brazilian Delivery Drivers Forum —which resulted in a commitment letter—, iFood will now hold biannual meetings with professionals, starting with the country's main cities.

In everyday life, to solve questions linked to your accounts, such as registration, migration and blocking, they use the tools available in the application to be served.

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