27 years of Friends and one question: what would Joey Tribbiani order on iFood?

27 years since the premiere of Friends and, today, to satisfy the nostalgia, you find out what Joey would order on iFood.

Friends fan or not, one thing is undeniable: the series, which debuted in the USA 27 years ago, is one of the best known in the history of television. Since its debut on open TV, the sitcom with Monica, Phoebe, Rachel, Ross, Joey and Chandler has collected astronomical numbers.

Throughout the 236 episodes of Friends, more and more fans were won around the world, 1 Golden Globe, 6 wins at the Emmy Awards and millions of dollars involved in each program – according to an estimate by Forbes magazine, this amount could reach US$ 1.4 billion in earnings.

But let's talk about what interests us: food! And, in this category, we cannot leave out the cutest character in the cast. No matter what, Joey Tribbiani is always ready to eat – remember the episode where he takes a fork out of his pocket (season seven, episode 11)? So it is.

After all, what would Joey Tribbiani ask for in iFood? Keep reading to find out!

Joey doesn't share food!

Cold cuts sandwich

In the fourth season (episode 16), when Phoebe is pregnant, Joey decides to teach her some types of sandwiches, and starts with cold cuts! With smoked turkey breast, corned beef, mustard and pastrami, there's no way to resist.


In season 6, episode 9, one Thanksgiving, Rachel makes a somewhat... different pavé. In a mess she makes with the recipe book, she ends up making a pavé with meatloaf, and guess who approves? Joey! He would definitely order a pavé, but maybe not like this.

Chocolate chip cookies

What passed through Phoebe's family (season 7, episode 3) as a great inheritance was, in fact, just a recipe for chocolate chip cookies that was printed on the back of a famous brand's packaging.


Of course, we couldn't leave pizza off this list. The traditional pasta is Joey’s big favorite – who belongs to a traditional Italian family. And if you don't have to share it, even better!


To satisfy his longing for meetings at Central Perk, in the morning Joey would order a classic cappuccino, made the Italian way. For an afternoon snack, the choice would definitely be a traditional espresso or a macchiato.

After finding out what Joey would order on iFood, it's time to binge-watch Friends to celebrate 27 years of one of the most beloved series in the world!

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