Does acai berry melt? Uncover this and 5 other myths about delivery

Is it true that fries always go flat during delivery? Packaging specialist unravels this and other myths about the quality of dishes delivered at home.

Is it true that sushi and açaí don't arrive fresh when we order delivery? Or that it's not good to order pasta with sauce (much less soup) because it spills? Every now and then, some fears arise about whether the dish we want to order will arrive at our house as expected.

To clarify what is a myth and what is true, we hired an expert on the subject: Renan Serrano, packaging coordinator at iFood. “Each dish requires specific packaging for its dynamics, even the most elaborate ones”, he says.

Next, he clears up some doubts and shows how technology works to ensure that dishes reach the table of those who love ordering food in their best shape.

French fries always wither

Myth. There are now special packaging that ensure it arrives crispy at home. “If the fries are completely sealed, they will shrivel,” explains Renan. The secret is a packaging with a special vent, which allows the steam from the hot food to escape and the potatoes do not wilt.

Pasta with sauce is boring

Myth. The best way to transport pasta and dishes with abundant sauce is to use 100% sealed packaging with the help of a specific machine. “Correct sealing eliminates the risk of the sauce leaking out”, says Renan, adding that in the future it will not even be necessary to use this equipment. “New technologies that do not require machines are in advanced testing phases.”

The açaí melts on the way

Myth. Transporting açaí may seem challenging, but there is already a special cup that maintains its temperature so that the product arrives cold at the consumer's home. And the best part is that it is sustainable packaging: PLA, made from corn starch.

Hot dishes always get cold

Myth. When the packaging is sealed so that the food does not come into contact with air, the temperature is maintained until the food is delivered. Therefore, you can even order soup without fear: they are transported in paper bowls and pots specifically made to maintain their heat without burning the hand of the person receiving the food. “A sealing machine seals the lid of the pot, so the soup doesn’t leak,” says Renan.

It's dangerous to order sushi because it doesn't arrive fresh

Myth. Renan also denies this. “Today there are specific packaging for oriental food, made with cardboard paper especially to maintain a good presentation of the dish while keeping the product at the coldest temperature during the delivery window.”

The mozzarella on the pizza always slips

Myth. The right packaging, the size of the pizza and with vents to prevent it from shriveling, does its part to ensure it doesn't “sag” during transport, says Renan. But it's the delivery man's care that ensures that the filling doesn't all slide to one side, explains one traffic safety expert: Matheus Filipe, delivery partner from Minas Gerais. “This only happens when you accelerate and brake frequently along the way. When we walk at a constant speed, without sudden acceleration of speed, the pizza arrives well.”

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