Acaramaki? Discover Japanese food that only exists in Brazil 

Have you ever eaten acaramaki? Discover these and other Japanese food inventions that we only find in Brazil

The acarajé cupcake is just one of the unusual ingredients that Brazilians added to recipes from Japan; Check out seven other creations of ours, such as acaramaki.

It's very clear: there is traditional Japanese food and Brazilian Japanese food, the kind that we only find here. After all, if we like creamy cheese on hot dogs and pizza, why would it be any different on temaki?

In Brazil, Japanese food is a little different from what is enjoyed in Japan, as adaptations had to be made when immigrants came from there to here. On June 18, we celebrated 114 years since the arrival of the first Japanese ship in the port of Santos (SP). 

Today, the Japanese Embassy estimates that 2 million Japanese people and their descendants live here, making Brazil the largest community nikei (the children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren of those who lived here) outside of Japan.

Returning to the kitchen, Japanese food had to adapt to the Brazilian palate (just like the pizza brought by the Italians). The new ingredients, however, are strange to many Japanese people — just watch the video a Japanese tourist experimenting and reacting to our inventions, how to put cream cheese and strawberry Sushi.

On iFood, Brazilians love a cream cheese no temaki and a hot roll of bananas, so much so that they are among the most requested dishes of this cuisine. But our creativity doesn't stop there: check out some of the Japanese foods that we only find in Brazil, listed on the website Things from Japan and by UOL.

Japanese food with a Brazilian touch

  • Acaramaki (yes, it's a rice cake breaded and fried in palm oil with temaki filling)
  • Salmon temaki with cream cheese
  • Hot roll
  • Sweet sushi with mango, strawberry, banana, guava…
  • Sushi or sashimi with Brazilian and freshwater fish
  • Pizza of sushi
  • Temaki served in a pot
  • Sushi with rice, lasagna and salad on self-service plate
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