“Brabas” breakfast or a morning cod from Jamaica?

Did you wake up early to watch the Brazil game? So take a look at the differences between their menu and ours

Today there's a game for the women's football team, so it's time to wake up very early. While you're eating breakfast, we'll send you this: do you know what's on the breakfast menu in Jamaica, our opponents in the last group stage game?

If we put a typical Brazilian and a Jamaican breakfast face to face, which one would suit your taste better? Let's find out.

Let's take a peek and start with Jamaica's lineup. A big name on this team is ackee, a natural fruit from the country that, when cooked, takes on the appearance of scrambled eggs. So far, nothing very different.

Cod for breakfast?

To table with the ackee At the forefront of Jamaican breakfast, some flavor stars come into play, but that not everyone would choose to start the day (at least in Brazil), such as cod or fried and boiled dumplings.

But there is also the bammy, a bread made from cassava with coconut milk and fried, in addition to boiled banana or yam and sweet potato.

Not a bad way to start the day with that energy. But can the Brazilian breakfast be on par with the Jamaican one in terms of flavor and nutrients?

Ah, at this time we have to think about the size of our country. In fact, speaking of area, it is worth remembering that, in the State of Sergipe alone, two Jamaicas can fit in terms of area.

There's dripping, there's sun-dried meat and there's gossip

We draw attention to this comparative aspect to highlight the variety of eating habits in Brazil.

If, at breakfast in the Southeast region, the pingado (darker coffee with milk) with bread on the plate It's a classic, in the North region, for example, it's common for people to opt for açaí, coconut, banana and cassava for the first meal of the day.

In turn, in the Northeast, yams, tapioca, couscous, roll cake, curd cheese and sun-dried meat can be on the table early in the morning.

Head to the South region and you will find a plentiful table and delicacies such as sausages, jellies, jams and cuca, a fruit cake with crunchy farofa on top.

In the Central-West, the suggestion is a fruit salad with Jatobá cream, a typical fruit from the region. And the gossip, a roasted tapioca biscuit.

Let there be diversity! And, come to think of it, apart from cod, the options don't differ much between Brazil and Jamaica, the country of Bob Marley's reggae, so loved in Brazilian lands.

And you, have you already decided on your flag for breakfast? Because, in football, the “house suggestion” is to support the Brazilian team.

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