iFood customers prefer June celebrations made at home

Most consumers opt for homemade “arraiá” during the celebration of São João, ordering typical foods in restaurants or markets

And the June festival, where will it take place? The “arraiá” of São João, one of the more traditional festivities from Brazil, it could very well be homemade. By the way, this is the preference of iFood customers, a Brazilian company in tune with the country's customs: 56% of these consumers say they intend to celebrate the date at home this year.

Delivery, then, really becomes a great option when it comes to fueling the celebration. It is the option for 60% for iFood customers who are planning a June party.

Most of them, or 67%, will turn to restaurants when ordering. In turn, 45% will place orders on the market, with the vast majority of these people keeping an eye on the Typical foods of the June festival.

The categories with the highest purchase intention in the market for the “arraiá” of São João include cookies and snacks, cold cuts and dairy products, frozen and chilled foods, meat, poultry and fish.

In fact, many people are willing to cook June delicacies. More than half, or 52%, of iFood customers usually prepare typical foods, and markets and supermarkets are their favorite places to buy ingredients.

In 2022, São João was animated on the iFood platform. In June, there was an increase of 16% in the number of orders compared to the same period in 2021.

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